Lemon Cheesecake Cookie Bars

Have I got a great recipe to share with you?!!? I made these bars mainly because every year I get a craving for lemon and apparently now is the time. They’re crunchy and creamy and delicious. They were gone in just a few days and only because Ryan and I limited ourselves to one piece a day each....more

Two-Bite Lemon Vanilla Bean Brownies

My mom made these last week.  She kept telling me how good they were and that they vanished in her house within two days!  When my mom made these, she peeled the lemons using a vegetable peeler and threw the zest into a food processor to have it chopped fine.  For me, I used my microplane, as the kids were asleep and the house was quiet.  However, I think that when I do make these again with the girls awake, I may try her trick!  Thanks Mom!!Two-Bite Lemon BrowniesMakes:16 Brownies...more

Homemade Sweet Corn & Zesty Lemon Ice-Cream

Corn – this has to be one of my favourite flavours for snacks, be it for ice-cream, mochi, candies or any other desserts. This ice-cream tastes absolutely heavenly, a flavour that’s both flirty and uniquely Asian....more

Lemon, Blueberry and Ricotta Muffins

Super soft and moist lemon scented muffins, filled with juicy blueberries and topped with a lemon glaze. Oh Em Gee, these are so good! I made them because I had leftover ricotta from a lasagna the other night and sheesh am I glad I did. ...more

Lemon Curd and Coconut Macaroons

Little thumb print coconut macaroons, filled with tart lemon curd. Macaroons, soft, sweet, chewy with bits of delicious crispy coconut. It just doesn't get any better. Or does it? ...more

Kiwifruit, Apple and Lemon Muffins

Soft muffin filled with bursts of sweet apple and tart kiwifruit, topped with a crunchy lemon glaze. ...more

Lemon and Nectarine Cake

Woohoo nectarines are here which means warmer weather is on it's way!! I am so excited! Today was the first day in I can't remember how long, that I baked with the door to the outside deck, open. ...more

Lemon Brownies

Soft lemon brownie topped with a tangy mix of lemon curd and cream cheese. My family and I have had a rough two weeks of constant colds and sickness so lemons had been bought in bulk to try speed up recovery. We are all better now but I still had a heap left over so I needed to get my thinking cap on for a good lemon recipe. ...more

Buttery Garlic Lemon Chicken

Microwave Recipe – Lemon Mug Cake

Who doesn’t like microwave food? It is convenient, fast and easy. It is not only to reheat or defrost food, even can make a cake! Amazingly delicious lemon mug cake in 2 minutes!!!! Let’s try it!...more