Maple Lemon Curd Single Serve Cheesecakes

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Almond & Lemon Curd Torta Capri

Like Limoncello, this torta reigns from southern Italy. It is simple and satisfying as a dessert served with a dollop of lemon curd on the side or afternoon treat served with a spot of iced or hot tea....more

Blood Orange and Lemon Curd Vinaigrette

“Blood oranges” are one of the least used fruit throughout the world of citrus. So it is no wonder that it is being used for this recipe. And it certainly makes for a wonderful salad vinaigrette, or any other recipe you may think to use it in, in your culinary cooking....more
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Lemon Meringue Phyllo Plates

Lemon Meringue Phyllo plates My lemon-induced cooking spree continues. But am almost out of this last batch of curd so there will be a break soon.Honestly, Phyllo dough is one of my least favorite things to work with in the kitchen. Phyllo sheets everywhere - butter drippings everywhere—a fine layer of sugar dust everywhere. It's all a bit bothersome. ...more
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Lemons... One good thing about winter is citrus and this year one...more

“Pucker-Up Butter & Limoncello Cake with Lemon Curd Glaze” Recipe

A Big Kid’s Happy Birthday Cake: I created this cake—a sweet and lemony-tart, buttery-deliciousness, saliva-inducing make-me-drool cake—for my hubby, my best friend and ever faithful Lancelot Knight, for his 56th birthday. Because, after all, what gift can you now give your mate of over twenty-nine years that he doesn’t already have? Besides me, a menopausal activated volcano! And, well, he is still missing his Jaguar; and I am so hoping he is not holding his breath for it…!STEPS 1 (cake):...more
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A Menopausal Chef Sharing Her Recipe: Lemon Curd & Lime Vinaigrette

I am a home-reared chef. My culinary training was at home, with my mother, just as she was taught by her mother, and she as well learned from the great cooks my grandmother employed for her many lavish parties—entertaining politicians and the very wealthy. Our recipes and techniques go back a long way, and over the years they have developed, morphing into modern dishes, with a taste of the old. And from as far back as I can remember, from the moment I could walk and talk, I was taught to cook. Hanging out in the kitchen, I watched and learned and memorized....more

When Life Gives You Lemons

When a friend recently dropped off a grocery bag filled with perfectly ripe Meyer lemons, I knew I had to get busy in the kitchen turning them into something amazing. Since there were so many lemons I wanted to incorporate them in every meal. First up, lemon pancakes with lemon curd on top. ...more

Meyer Lemon Curd Shortcakes with Orange Flower Water Glaze and Fresh Fruit

 Every month or so, I do a "recipe swap" on my blog, and this is the most recent result!Meyer Lemon Curd Shortcakes with Orange Flower Water Glaze and Fresh Fruit ...more