DIY Lemon Hair Gel

Lemon Nail Whitening

I use lemons in my kitchen for cooking almost everyday and  I really enjoy half a lemon squeezed into my water.  Needless to say, there are juiced rinds of lemons around almost everyday and it's the best thing that ever happened to my nails.Read more......more

Lemony Fresh

My Blog ...more

Roasted Carrots with Lemon & Honey

Who knew that carrots are the veggie of the month!  To be honest, I didn't know that we had a classification for such.  I've had my Easter menu planned for several weeks and one of the side dishes that will be on my table this year is roasted carrots.  To be honest, this is a dish I make about every other week and is a "standing request."  I do mix it up a bit by adding different herbs, garlic and other veggies but the gold standard is roasted with honey, lemon, butter, salt and pepper....more

Weekday Night Dinners: Lemon(y) Chicken

I so, so badly wanted to make a Lemony Snicket joke, but I couldn't think of a way to mesh the words "Snicket" and "chicken" seamlessly enough.  So many regrets. Know what I don't have any regrets over, though?  This chicken.  This delicious, very pro-spring chicken. (See, that's sort of a half pun.  I'll take it.) ...more

My Favorite Flavor

I think one of my most favorite flavors in the world is lemon.  I love lemon cake, lemonade, lemon candy, lemon everything!  Here's one of my easiest lemon fixes!Lemon BitesIngredients:1/2 cup (1 full stick) butter, softened1 cup sugar2 Tbsp lemon juice2 cups flourDirections:...more

Cupcakes and My Girls...xoxo

  When Kellie and Alyson wanted to bake and decorate cakes today, I willingly obliged them with some lemon cupcakes for Alyson and chocolate cake for Kellie.  Why not...we can celebrate anything in this house with cake, and Kellie did drive us home safely with her brand new learner's permit!  So, yeah...let's make cake!...more

Meyer Lemon Madeleines

The first time I had a madeleine, it was at a coffee shop. I fell in love immediately. It's a spongy, cake-like cookie that you can dip in coffee or just eat them with a dusting of powdered sugar. I have been dying to make these forever! ...more

Lemon Pomegranate Cookies

I don't know about you, but I'm so over summer. My least favorite season, with its triple digit heat and unusually active biting bugs, is finally coming to an end. I'm also excited and beyond ready for pumpkin spice lattes, totes of Honeycrisp apples, the return of my favorite TV shows (hello Boardwalk Empire and 2 Broke Girls!), watercolored leaves, and fall-flavored treats up the wazoo.There's only one problem. It's not quite fall yet....more
 @kandy57  Hi Kandy! When baked immediately (and gently mixed!), the seeds stay pretty well ...more

Cool and Creamy

Creamy Lemon PieIngredients:1 (8 oz) package cream cheese, softened1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk1/4 cup fresh lemon juice1 (20 oz) can lemon pie filling1 graham cracker pie crustDirections:...more