Sunday Pasta®: Spaghetti al Limone (Lemon)

Starchitects Brian Bockman and Jack Forbes were recently visiting from New Orleans. There, they design hip Garden District homes and contemplate building a bright future with Brangelina in a thriving  post-Katrina city. Here, among other things, they taught me about the hidden evil that lurks in FF&A (furnishings, fixtures, and accessories) which, if you have any taste, should cost more than the home itself. Who knew? ...more

Lemon Cheesecake with Lemon Curd

 I can't believe it's already brain is still stuck somewhere in April.The weather lately is not helping the situation, but I know summer is just around the corner....I know cause the birds making nests and having babies on my porch constantly remind me of it...Not that I mind our feather friends , but between their constant cry for their mother's attention mixed with my children constant hauling and arguing one could lose her mind........and that's the time when mama enters her kitchen and creates some yummy dessert to escape at least for a bit......more

(Low Fat!) Lemon Blueberry Scones

Goooood Mooooorning!...more

Anti-Cancer Lemony Kitchen Cleaner

Although this isn’t an anti-cancer food recipe per se, it is a healthy way to limit your exposure to cancer causing toxins.  Most of the time we don’t even know what the ingredients are in these cleaners, but many of the common ingredients are known carcinogens.  One way to protect yourself from environmental estrogens -- that have been liked to breast cancer and other types of cancer-- is to use homemade or “green” cleaners around the house.  The breast cancer fund has information on this ...more
 behavioralchild Thanks for reading....glad you enjoyed it!  more

Little Drops of Spring - Eggless, Lemon, White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Out of desperation comes genius, or is it innovation? Despite the fact that the girls (a.k.a. chickens) are back to their full production, I still ran out of eggs last week and my cravings for a sweet citrusy treat were unsatiable so I improvised.  These little drops of spring were what I came up with and they are delicious!...more

Lemon Crumbles

These bars have a great crunchy texture, with the creamy, lemony and not-too-sweet filling. Mmmmm.See the Recipe!...more

Chocolate Beet Cupcakes for Beet Haters and Chocolate Lovers

I hate beets! I thought I was over it, but I’m not. I really hate them....more

Brown Butter Lemon Bars

 If you know anything about my culinary passions, you know: 1. That I believe a little brown butter can make anything taste better.2. Lemon desserts do not pass these lips. 3. Ever.4. Never Ever.5. Unless...(see #1 above). ...more
I think I just floated up to heaven! They look delicious! And I might have to bake them this ...more

Citron Gras Pie

Analogous to just about everything else in 2012 so far, this lemon pie took two tries, two different recipes and an effort for me to repress my creativity so the chemistry would have room to do its thi...more

Plum & Lemon Cake

Plum & Lemon Cake    ...more