Lemon Pound Cake Parfaits in Jars

The goodie I'm posting for you today is a cute way to serve individual desserts to people - in little jelly jars. It's great for a party, since everyone can just grab a jar. The half-pint taller jelly jars work well for this, since you will be layering parfaits. They are very cheap and you can find them in your grocery store....more
My foodie daughter is going to love this. I need one of these today!more

Brown Rice Medley with Lemon-Parsley Dijon Vinaigrette

Paul usually works a couple of evenings per month so on those nights I end up cooking for just me.  I usually find myself throwing dinner together on a whim.  Lately it’s been this avocado pasta or this cous cous salad but I found this brown rice medley at Trader Joe’s and it was calling my name....more

Make Water Yummier in Summer

Hydrating is easier done, for most of us, when drinking something with a little flavor. Water is fine, yeah, sure, but many folks are trying their best to come off of soda, juice, or sweet tea addictions. Or those drinks that carry yucky chemicals that we're now finding can cause cancer. And that were billed as healthy alternatives for sugar for so long. Fabulous. So yes, water is good, but if you'd like a little something extra, this is an inexpensive, quick, easy, and alkalizing (amazing for your body) way to dress up that water that you should be sipping on all day long as the sun beats down on you....more
@Charis Brown Malloy Now that sounds fabulously refreshing! Thank you for the recipe. I will ...more

A Lemony Loss For Words

I’m at a loss for words.It could be because my in-laws left yesterday and after a week of talking their ears off I don’t have much left to say.Or, it could be because J was up crying at 4:18am today and *nobody* in the house managed to get back to sleep. (I’m sooo tired.)...more

Blueberry and Lemon Buttermilk Scones

Blueberry and lemon buttermilk scones...more

Chicken and olive salad with homemade marinated artichokes

In the early to mid-1990's there was a restaurant in Burlington, VT named Carburs and it was a place where people in the service industry hung out. Or at least where my co-workers and I would go after waiting on people all day – when we could afford to go there. If I was feeling somewhat solvent after the rent was paid, I would splurge on their chicken and artichoke salad....more

Blackberry Doobie and Lemon Ginger Ice Cream


I just had a blackberry cobbler at a BBQ. But your version- with the Lemon-Ginger has a little ...more

Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes

Happy Monday, everyone! Anyone having a case of the Monday blues?? I have to say though, my Monday isn’t particulary blue seeing as I only have a 3 day work week this week!! woo hoo!!...more

amazing looking...I will try them for sure :)more

Southern Shrimp and Grits

All generalizations are false, including this one. ~Mark Twain...more

Why is it everytime I read your posts my mouth salivates? This dish looks wonderful! And my ...more

Fresh and Simple Lemon Chicken Florentine

Sometimes I feel like the Queen of the quick meal; prep it, cook it, sauce it and serve it!  Fresh ingredients that require minimal effort but result in exceptional flavor.  And sometimes I like to make dinner a project.  Piddling around in the kitchen (yes, I used the word piddle!...more