Recipe: Grilled Lemonade

You know, sometimes things don't work out as we planned. It's part of adulthood, right? We have a handful of choices when things go wrong.We can: A) cry, B) give up, C) surge onward, D) lots of other options that don't fit into my blog post theme, thus not worth mentioning....more

Lavender Lemonade

I'm hooked on lavender and especially lavender lemonadeStop on by my blog for this easy recipe

Sparkling Minty Lemon-Lime Refresher

A refreshing summer drink; fresh lime and mint, lemonade and soda water - super thirst quenching!

A sign from Gina

 I was reading an article today about angels, and pets, and how when we loose someone we love-they can come to us as an angel in the form of an animal, to ease our minds,and give a sign that they are ok. ...more

Carnies Totally Punk'd America

Happy Fourth of July!  Bring on the pyrotechnics!...more

6 Calorie Green Tea Lemonade

You could say that I’ve become a bit obsessed with green tea lately....more

15 minute Salmon Cakes with Fresh Tartar Sauce

Enjoying a cooling dinner after a long day in the sunshine is pure bliss.Having a fear of heights while climbing a wall is the exact opposite. Kind of a deal breaker, actually....more

What's Your Signature Drink? Refresh Your Outlook with Cool Thirst-Quenchers

We cooks - you and I - talk a lot about what's for dinner, the meat and potatoes of our daily meals. Well, let us not forget how ultra-important a good beverage can be in creating the ideal food experience. Water may be all we need to survive, but there's nothing like a creative drink recipe to make us come alive!...more

Old-Fashioned Lemonade

When I’m not cooking, reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Lately, with the brutal Texas heat that we’ve been experiencing, I can be found under my patio in the afternoons with a few good books and a refreshing glass of ice-cold lemonade. The key to a great glass of lemonade is first creating a simple syrup. A simple syrup is made by dissolving sugar into heated water....more

Berry Blast Nimbu Pani ~ How India Quenches It's Thirst

Translation: Lemon Water. Pronunciation: Nim-boo Paw-nee. Verdict: Poppy and Refreshing....more
I agree with you 'Don't drink the water- Ever'. I carry a bottle of water with me all the time ...more