Grilled Masala and Lemongrass Chicken Thighs

With a little planning, you can do all your cooking on the grill and avoid heating up the kitchen during the hottest months. Refreshing side dishes like fruits and salads, which require no cooking, make great accompaniments to those delicious grilled meat and vegetables. ...more
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East meets West Arancini

Arancini is an Italian specialty, from Sicily to be precise, dating back to around the 10th century. The word Arancini actually means “little orange” as the traditional fried rice ball are very round and resemble small oranges. You will find many recipes online giving you the supposed original version but as any Italian family can attest, every Italian mother or grandmother has her own secret recipe....more


It's day 3 of the Obama Administration.  The Oval Office is hopping. Gitmo is closing.  Trials are delayed.  The middle east is on the road to peace - or at least conversation.  But what are Michelle Obama watchers talking about - her suit. Now that's just delicious.  Pre-inaugeration, the talk was all about discrimination.  Post inaugeration, the question is not about the color of her skin - but of her suit: yellow-gold, lemon-green, lemongrass??? Over 4000 articles dedicated to the lovely MO and her choice of fabric.  That is the beauty of America. Girlphyte ...more