Lena Dunham and Victorian Hysteria

Lean Dunham is being called a sexual predator and pedophile because she wrote about how when she was seven years old she looked at her infant sister’s vulva:"Do we all have uteruses?" I asked my mother when I was seven....more

Lena Dunham's the Real Girl's Role Model

A lot has been said about Lena Dunham and her penchant for appearing nude in virtually every scene of her hit HBO series Girls. Recently, she’s been the subject of much debate over photo touch ups; how much is too much and should they really be done at all. ...more
I've never seen "Girls", but I've read a lot about Dunham. She seems very impressive. I was ...more

Blobby Bodies and Biggest Losers: Women Judging Women

Writing about the season two premier of the HBO series Girls, New York Post critic Linda Stasi had this to say about show creator, writer, and star Lena Dunham who plays the character Hannah: “It’s not every day in the TV world of anorexic actresses with fake boobs that a woman with giant thighs, a sloppy backside and small breasts is compelled to...more