THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT by Tracey Jackson   Ira Nadel is a Professor of Modern Literature, the biographer of Leonard Cohen, David Mamet and Tom Stoppard and a man always moving forward. Today 50@50 asks Ira to share some of his secrets for engagement.   ...more
Just joined today and found your post and video with your Ira Nadel interview. SUPERB! Being a ...more

A New Year and a Chance to Be Better (Really)

But about five years ago, my husband and I began a journey to a more observant life and came to understand that these days -- the Days of Awe -- have a deep meaning indeed. We pray that God will write us in the Book of Life for another year. "On Rosh Hashanah it is written, on Yom Kippur it is sealed." It is a chance to think about how we live -- and love. Of what kinds of people we really are, and how we treat those around us. We repent those sins we know we have committed and those we don't realize we've done. Here's what I wrote about it on my own blog a couple of years ago. ...more

I just wrote the flip side of this - why I don't observe Yom Kippur, but I really loved reading ...more