Sage Sweetwater Celebrity Lesbian Novelist RAPS with Eminem: Summit Lust

Sage Sweetwater Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Novelist shows her writing diversity through esoteric poetry in a new genre of alchemistry rap with background music by Eminem....more

I smell like what??

While snuggling with my sweety recently she nuzzled my neck and inhaled deeply. I really liked where this was going!! She nuzzled further in and inhaled even more deeply. "Yay", I thought, "this is going well!" One more deep inhalation of breath and she started to murmer to me, "Oh baby, you smell so good."   ...more

I'm Resigning My Role as Rosie O'Donnell Apologist

I am considerably late to the game of criticizing Rosie O'Donnell. Rosie often draws fire from even her longstanding fans for acts of ego and hubris, but I will admit that until recently, I was a Rosie O'Donnell apologist. ...more

Very good post, but I think your first item is a bit of an overreaction. 

Before ...more


Relationships are already challenging, let alone all of the things that come along with them. Such as when to introdcue them to your family, when to move in together, how much time you should or should not spend with eachother, when to have sex for the first time...and of course the big "L Word"... your thinking of the word love right?...more

Celebrating Lesbian Ministers

Celebrating same-sex relationships in today's New Age Lesbian Ministry. Read Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Novelist Sage Sweetwater's New Age Lesbian Spirituality! ...more

Desire...Pt 2

Tasting her, that Dr Pepper lip balm, Bonne Belle, so 8th grade. I am taken back to those days and I want her more for the nostalgia of it all. She is all those girls I wanted to fuck but never had the guts to approach. My prize, the prize for all those lazy hand jobs behind the library. The many unsatisfying fucks between lunch and gym, she is my reward. ...more


"Kneel for me," she said. ...more

Off The Fence and Out Of The Closet

By Guest Blogger, Adrienne Mosse So there I was lying in my crib, a newborn in the hospital, just hangin’ out with the other newborns in the nursery, and something just didn’t feel right. I knew I was different from all the others, but I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was… Okay, I didn’t quite know THAT young, but I may as well have....more

Living An Authentic Life

When deciding what to title today’s Blog post, I changed my mind about six times. “‘Living An Authentic Life’ sounded too Oprah,” I thought. But, truly, it’s what felt best. So, the pardon the title if it feels too familiar. So how do we live an authentic life? How do we live a life just and true? I figure we have a limited number of years on this earth, so we may as well live it as authentically as possible and on our own terms, right?...more