So This Uterus Walks Into a Bar...

It's been a hard couple of weeks with PCOS scare and potential uterus issues.   But today we got great news to keep moving forward.  After the doctor  Jacques Cousteau-ed my uterus (they take a camera up there and play paparazzi) he says, "Everything looks great.  You've got a beautiful uterus.  Perfect for hosting a baby."...more

What Not to Ask Lesbian Moms

We found a really great article on questions not to ask lesbian moms.  We felt it was worth sharing on our blog and added one more we were asked....more

Highest of Fives to Lesbian Moms

I thought it would be a little over the top to say, "Thanks to all of the lesbian moms who pioneered the way in sensible shoes", but I'll do anything for a laugh.  We are in the process of testing hormones and counting follicals (aka slow news day) so we decided to thank some of the celebrity women (and men!) who shared their family with the world....more

Shopping for Mr. Right...'s Sperm

My wife and I are in the process of making a family.  Well, we had the consultation.  We are now uterus deep in books, BBT tracking, Period Watch 2013 and insurance coverage language translation.  We just found out our blood types and that we are CMV negative.  Now we are talking about the potential baby daddy.  We first have to narrow down the sperm bank.  But, of course, we are getting ahead of ourselves with what to look for.  Do you look for someone who looks like your partner?...more

Promise of a Better Tomorrow

I do not watch a lot of television. As a matter of fact, I watch very little television. Most nights, I simply sit in the living room and soak in the silence after I get the children tucked into bed. Occasionally, however, I will flip on the TV. For background noise, if nothing else. Last night was one such night. I don't watch Gray's Anatomy religiously. As a matter of fact, it's been quite a while since I have watched it at all....more

Looking for alternative families (lesbian moms)

Hi, I am the marketing director for the website (facedbook as well). We are looking for writers for our site. Especially interested in lesbian Moms. If interested please email me at madge@thenextfamily.comWe are an alternative family site with great stories and lots of discussions that would interest any family....more
are you still looking. proud mother of threemore

The Kids Are All Right - Movie Review

We went to see the film The Kids Are All Right on Friday night.  We went because, well – we’re lesbians and this is a film about lesbians, a mainstream film no less – so we  felt compelled to throw some of our money at it....more

What Lesbian Moms Want for Mother's Day: Divorce

Alright, maybe "want" is putting it a bit strongly. But "need," unfortunately, is an accurate term. Yes, love is love, and yes, parents are parents, and yes, all families are different. But let's get beyond the bumper stickers and look at the hard, cold facts. Legal marriage would put my partner and I in our proper tax bracket when filing together and save our kids oodles of money a year for the college fund.  The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) reports (pdf) that the average family of four, including two lesbian parents, will spend tens -- even hundreds -- of thousands of dollars more than identical families with opposite-sex parents raising the children to age 18. ...more