12 Lesbian Thanksgivings

This year, Ledcat and I will celebrate our 12th Thanksgiving as a couple. Our plans include dinner with our family of choice (aka The Sarahs and their 2 kids) who are vegetarian but prepare turkey breast for us. I’m pretty sure we’ll be schooled in a video game by the 8 year old and get a personal narration of “Frozen.” Mostly, we’ll eat and then lounge on the furniture talking about interesting stuff.We’ve been trying to recall some of the highlights of the past years....more

She's My Partner, Not My Sidekick

One disadvantage to blogging is that I get “the glory” while Laura (Ledcat) often gets overlooked. And when I get the beat down side of a stick, she gets that, too. Unfair....more

Jane Lynch Helps Launch Lesbian Political Action Committee

Anyone bothered by the concept of lesbians with money organizing for political purposes may have spent yesterday cowering under the covers, as influential women like Jane Lynch and Billie Jean King supported the launch of LPAC, the first-ever lesbian political action committee, or Super PAC....more
Awesome! It's about time we had a voice! Now I wish I had money for them.more

Lesbians in Blue

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I try to keep things light. I use this space to remind myself that policing has funny moments and it helps me de-stress. Sometimes though, I need to rant. So here’s that rant Suzie Ivy style.Small towns notoriously live off rumors. It doesn’t matter if they are hurtful or so farfetched as to be unbelievable, they will never stop....more
Oh, gosh, this takes me back to my small town days. Lived in a town of 250 for 7 years and a ...more

There’s a Storm a Brewin’ in Minnesota: NOH8MN

Some say the Rapture came to Minnesota last weekend, bringing fear and hatred. In the waning hours of Saturday night, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed a bill that places on the November 2012 ballot the question whether to amend the Minnesota Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. This bill was not passed without a somber, civil, sad fight. All of this happening just 20 minutes from our home, DH & I huddled around my computer listening and watching a live feed from the House Chamber floor....more


So I find in watching all of these fashion shows on t.v., that I really, really like the free spirited gay men who are gorgeously attractive, stylish, and interesting (not the overly flamboyant types… but pretty anyhow).  It’s a weird, but legitimate attraction that makes me wonder…. If I like such a womanish type of dude…. Does that mean that I’m actually attracted o feminine qualities, and as a result… gay myself? Or am I attracted to what I see as a reflection of myself, and in that case just narcissistic?  ...more

GAY MARRIAGE: "A marriage, by any other name..."

 I'm attending my first gay wedding today. I'm attending my first same-sex  wedding today. I'm attending my first homosexual wedding today. What is the  politically correct term for such a wedding? Who cares? Frankly, I don't     understand the furor and uproar over same-sex marriages....more
Love is Lovemore

What Lesbian Moms Want for Mother's Day: Divorce

Alright, maybe "want" is putting it a bit strongly. But "need," unfortunately, is an accurate term. Yes, love is love, and yes, parents are parents, and yes, all families are different. But let's get beyond the bumper stickers and look at the hard, cold facts. Legal marriage would put my partner and I in our proper tax bracket when filing together and save our kids oodles of money a year for the college fund.  The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) reports (pdf) that the average family of four, including two lesbian parents, will spend tens -- even hundreds -- of thousands of dollars more than identical families with opposite-sex parents raising the children to age 18. ...more

Finally Getting "Syked" about Diversity in Late Night TV

Late night network talk shows are about to get the correction of all correction.  Fox booted Mad TV and has now signed the Saturday night 11:00 EST slot to The Wanda Sykes Show.  Provocative, acerbic, and unabashedly liberal, Wanda promises a show that will focus on ripping up and riffing on the news and pop culture trends of the week with monologues, taped pieces and a panel discussion with guests.  Finally, Saturday night may once again showcase te ...more

First of all, I think Wanda has one of the most wonderful voices for comedy and for telling ...more