So Little, So Late . . .

   Long day, too tired to find the stats. I fit in there, somewhere.   Facts:  ...more

6-13-09 ...A Third Word on Lesbian Hair

I have decided that there is a serious need to teach pluralism in beauty and fashion.  I’m not talking about feminizing “androgyny,” and I’m not talking about heaving a person across gender lines to the extent that his/her full on gender expression/identity is imposed upon, either.  I’m talking about serious, honest to God pluralism.  The kind that opens our eyes to see more than One, OR the O ...more

A Word on Lesbian Hair...

The other day I was filling out yet another FaceBook questionnaire when I ran across the following question: "15. Do you like your hair?" This inspired me to begin a whole blog, because the topic is actually quite broad when asked of a lesbian who is not of the L Word variety.  Heck, for all I know, it’s a broad topic when it is asked of an L Word variety lesbian.  But I’m not one, and I’ve noticed an extreme deficiency among social commentaries from my end of the block when regarding lesbian hair. ...more

...when you wrote it. You make so many very good points!

I have a good friend who is both ...more

Where the GIRLS are

Hi, just introducing myself here: I'm a middle-aged feminist, very much into gender and relationship issues. I'm a lesbian who spent quite a few years quietly closeted. If the "devifemme" blog has any over-arching purpose, it's to allow me to play at girls and sexuality in a soft, non-polemical way. The blog is four years old (in 2009), and features photos of interesting ladies from Flickr, mainly self-portraits. I scribble little tributes to the particular shots and photographers -- with whom I've previously emailed re permission to show their work. ...more

Dinah Shore 2009!!

Dinah Shore 2009 is only one week away and JD and I are ready to hop on a plane and subject our pasty bodies to five days of sun and fun with the hottest chicks on the planet. Events kick off with the opening party next Wednesday, April 1 and the partying doesn’t stop until the following Monday when we’ll make every effort to get to our early morning plane on time. ...more

You have to be better than the rest.

On Saturday, gina and I went to Silverlake to march in the protest/rally against proposition 8. I wanted it to be inspiring. I wanted to feel like we were really making a difference. I wanted to feel like it would change something. ...more

Don't worry, be happy, be gay

It's been a rocky road for married couples lately, what with the Eliot Spitzer hooker revelations, the confessions by his replacement, David Paterson, of his extramarital affairs, the 20-something dalliances of Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow's hubby and the rumors that long-married 55-year-old Russia President Vladimir Putin has been hanging with gymnast babe Alina Kabaeva, 24. You have to wonder, just what the heck is going on? ...more

Are Gay Relationships Happier and Healthier Than Straight Ones?

Are gay and lesbian relationships healthier and happier than straight ones? Recent studies indicate this may be the case. What are the differences between gay couples and straight ones, and do gay couples hold the keys to happy long lasting love? Research done by psychologist Robert-Jay Green, executive director of Rockway Institute, finds there are two key factors which promote healthier relationships in gay and lesbian couples: greater flexibility in gender roles and more equal division of parenting and household tasks. ...more
Its kind of obvious that gays and lesbians would have deeper, healthier, more meaningful ...more

Valentine's Day Hype

If you've watched any television this month, you've seen one or two, or 500, commercials for different jewelry stores, all marketing the notion that giving your wife, or girlfriend, diamonds is the ultimate romantic gesture. These commercials drive me crazy. They not only foster unreasonable expectations of love and relationships, but also put undue pressure on one person in the relationship to bear the brunt of the responsibility for Valentine's Day romance. ...more

And, I can't even picture her attempting it. Which is good, it's not an image I'd like to get ...more

Girls in tight dresses, Who drag with mustaches...

Love it or loathe it, it's that time of year again. It's time to find out if Bette and Tina will get back together. If Jenny will, though it doesn't seem humanly possible, become a bigger more annoying twit than before. If Shane will settle down, or continue being Shane. If Alice and Tasha will stay together. If we will have to suffer through more Betty...It's time for Season 5 of The L Word. ...more

Thanks! I will be putting this in my queue at Blockbuster...I just finished up watching The ...more