Valentine's Day Hype

If you've watched any television this month, you've seen one or two, or 500, commercials for different jewelry stores, all marketing the notion that giving your wife, or girlfriend, diamonds is the ultimate romantic gesture. These commercials drive me crazy. They not only foster unreasonable expectations of love and relationships, but also put undue pressure on one person in the relationship to bear the brunt of the responsibility for Valentine's Day romance. ...more

And, I can't even picture her attempting it. Which is good, it's not an image I'd like to get ...more

Girls in tight dresses, Who drag with mustaches...

Love it or loathe it, it's that time of year again. It's time to find out if Bette and Tina will get back together. If Jenny will, though it doesn't seem humanly possible, become a bigger more annoying twit than before. If Shane will settle down, or continue being Shane. If Alice and Tasha will stay together. If we will have to suffer through more Betty...It's time for Season 5 of The L Word. ...more

Thanks! I will be putting this in my queue at Blockbuster...I just finished up watching The ...more

Who Cares if a Few Dykes Get Banned from Digg?

Got your attention? Good. Recently I’ve become aware of a strange situation at Digg, where a few quality lesbian articles have been systematically buried and lesbian Diggers have been banned, with no response from Digg. Why should you care? ...more

I just tried to post this amazingly poignant piece of Def poetry to Digg and it seems the URL is ...more

Student Forced to Conceal Lesbian T-Shirt

RICHMOND, Va. (AP)—A high school official made a mistake by telling a student to cover up a lesbian-themed T-shirt or face suspension, the school’s principal said Friday, a day after the ACLU demanded the school apologize to the teen. ...more