I'm Grateful for the Relationship I (Almost) Had

Before I say anything further, I will be honest with you: it hurt. Yes, it hurt big time the moment I realized the relationship would never be what I wish it could be and he was never going to feel for me the way I felt for him. All I had was something that was "almost".I blamed myself. I traced back to every second we were together, asking myself what I did wrong that ruined my chance of something more, something solid. Since we were never in a relationship, there was no break up or any closure; only me left with a broken heart and millions of what-ifs....more
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How to Be Smart About Dating

Last year, I didn’t have much success in the love department. I went on lots of dates without even knowing what I really wanted from all the dating. Consequently, I ended up either being disappointed, feeling totally meh or having my heart broken by all the wrong people. I realized that I was doing something not quite right there. So, I decided to sit back and figure it out. Gradually, through trial and error, I have learned to be smart in my dating game and have better experiences.If you’re curious, here’s 10 ways to date smart:...more
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6 Important Lessons I Learned About Blogging

Starting a blog, I knew content was king, but there were so many other factors I had NO CLUE about. I have learned so much this past year. I couldn't possibly write down everything I learned, but I did narrow it down to these six lessons. ...more
Oh how I can relate to "Comparison is the Thief of All Joy." Like you I followed a few blogs. ...more

Lessons from Miss Rumphius

In the 3rd grade, my beloved, very British school teacher (I can only assume the woman was British based on her perfect diction, her pronunciation of the the words “aluminum” and “advertisement” as well as her perfect posture, tendency to only wear long skirts and high heels, and her insistence that we state “May I please…” before leaving the room to do anything. I mean, come on… she just exuded British-ness.) introduced the class to the storybook, Miss Rumphius....more

Five Life Lessons from The Godfather

John and I are spending the weekend in Dallas with my sister and brother-in-law.  They have an in-home theatre, and last night we ate Italian food and watched The Godfather....more

Parents: Stop putting this lesson off

My now almost two year old daughter starting swimming lessons when she was six months old. My five month old will also start young.It’s important anywhere you live, but I believe in Florida, it’s borderline neglect if you don’t teach your child how to swim. As a reporter, I covered so many drownings. One week, I did three separate ones....more

What I have learned in my 34 years.

What I have learned in my 34 years…… I am only 34, I don’t have 70 years of life behind me to push my advice. What I do have is 34 years of a lot of living, a lot of traveling, a lot of mistakes made and a lot of learning from them. So with tongue firmly planted in cheek I am sharing what I have learned in this life.-If you cannot laugh at yourself then you are missing out on a wonderful part of life. Everyone else will laugh at you from time to time, might as well own it....more

What I learned in 2014 and hope for in the new year

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the obligatory new year post.*drumroll*(Seriously do the drumroll noise in your head.)(Or out loud, if you want to.)Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's get started....more

Five Things I Learnt being a MOM

We recently celebrated our daughter’s “1st Birthday”. It was one of the joyous day of my life. I was very excited and was preparing for a very long time. Just sometime back, I was holding this little baby in my arms for the first time. She was looking at me with her tiny eyes wide open. And now she is all set to walk by herself. I have bitter sweet feeling that she is growing up so fast and is not a baby anymore. But I have this joy, of her getting independent and set to explore this wide world....more


Here I am on the fast track again.  I've been limping along on my old PC since June 28th, having killed my MacBook with a big splash of white wine....more