Why I chose to live away from my parents

A quick chat this morning made me think about why I chose to live away from my parents. ...more

Thirty Lessons I Have Learned In My 30 Years

So, here is the thing… in a few short days, I will be celebrating a milestone birthday. 30. THIRTY. thirty. 3-0. The Big 30....more

Things I'd Tell My 25-Year Old Self

Calm down. You'll get married (at 36) and you will love this person with every fiber of your being. You will also hate this person with that same intensity – every once in a while. It’s not a deal breaker. It’s reality.Careers have a lot of ups and downs. You'll have a great couple of years and moments of decent success. And you may be judged in ways you didn’t anticipate – by women. Forget them and move on.“Good Will Hunting” is no fluke. Ben and Matt are in it for the long haul. Carol and Doug will end up together....more

Anxiety Mom and The Case of the Missing Shoes

"You have got to be kidding me."...more

8 Blogging Practices You Need to Start Doing Right Now

It has been three years since I began blogging. It never occurred to me to share my writing with the world until one fateful Sunday morning when my husband woke me at 5AM to tell me that he had published something I'd written and had thus launched my blogging "career." I do not propose to be an expert, but to the extent that I can help someone starting out, here are 8 blogging "dos" that I have learned in the last three years. ...more
Outstanding! I've been blogging since July 2002, and love these reminders.more

What I learned from death today.

My coworker died this weekend. ...more

The Real Reason Why You Always Struggle With Dating and Love

Like any other areas of life, in order to solve your love life problem, you need to understand the causes. While it could be that there are fundamental aspects that you should improve as an individual, most of the time the issue lies at your mindset and approach to dating. This is especially applicable to cases where people are completely desirable on paper yet find themselves again and again struggling with dating, leading to frustration and self-doubt.Here’s the answers to all the why’s: You don’t know what you want ...more

The Seasons of our lives

My favorite season of the year is fall. It is filled with cool crisp air, colorful leaves, football, soup and more sleep since it becomes dark an hour earlier!However on the opposite thought, I despise winter.I grew up in Michigan and loved  winter as a kid. My father bought us a little kitty kat snowmobile so my brothers and I looked forward to snow! The cold weather and huge amounts of snow whipping around because of the wind would create snow drifts for us to play in and make snow forts. ...more