First Day of Spring Activities

I will always be a member of Enchanted Learning (link!!)...I found them about 10 or so years ago, and I have used their ideas constantly!So here are some fabulous ways to incorporate the first day of Spring into your learning!Egg Carton Tulips Acrostic Poem...more

5 Things I Learned Coaching Our First Soccer Game

My husband went over to the head coach to find out which field our kids would be playing on, and was asked to coach our team's game. Which was fine, except he knows nothing about soccer. He's never played, never watched it, and was not really very interested to be honest. He is only interested because our kids want to play, and that's as far as it goes. I played soccer for seven years growing up, so I know a bit more. We both do pretty well with a group of small children though, in any situation. I figured between the two of us, we could get our team of four- and five-year-olds through one 30 minute game. We did, but it got pretty interesting. ...more

15 Things I Want to Teach My Children

It had me thinking about what it is that I'm doing. What am I trying to accomplish with these three little beings? The most obvious answer is that I'm trying to raise them to become full grown, functioning, well-adjusted members of society. Beyond that, though, I started thinking about what it is I want them to learn. What do I want them walking away with after they've spent their most formative years with me? ...more
Happiness is about balance. Young people, particularly teenagers but also those in their early ...more

Amazing Sharks, How Sweet the Sound

Life is pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say?I mean, it is this constant, ever-moving, ever-changing maelstrom. A Sharknado, if you will, that is full of lessons for you to grasp....more

Life Lessons and Hard Work

For me, one of the most challenging aspects of parenting is the good ol' "life lesson".Those moments where you wish more than anything you could intervene; saving your child from the pain that comes with a fall, the consequence that comes from a mistake, the fallout from a social faux pas or the disappointment that comes with a hope unfulfilled ....more

Online Photography Classes, Presented by Sugar Snap Photography!

I'm a mom of 3.  I am busy.  I have little to no time to do anything but throw my hair in a pony tail and scarf down a poptart (which I totally just did).  ...more

Ten Stupid Things I Learned from BlogHer in NYC

Ten Things I Learned from Attending BlogHer in NYC...more
 Yeah! And when the men in  the little white coats come, you can come with us , too!  :)more

That is Because Their Parents Don't Love Them

"That is because their parents don't love them." -Me. *(See Below)"That is NOT true.  Caleb has a TV in his room and his mom loves him." -Peter....more