The "Real" Reality of Reality TV

I must admit that reality television has become my guilty pleasure. Somehow I seem to have fallen into the rabbit hole and worst of all, I like it....more

Mirror, mirror on the TV

I have a confession: when I watch reality television, I take a guilty pleasure in observing the lives of the poor schmucks who have agreed to be filmed and thinking, “I’m so glad that’s not me.”...more

Unprotected Sex and Old Girlfriends: A Rant

Yeah, that got your attention, didn't it? Let's dive right in. So I watched a season of this reality show called "VanderPump Rules". Remember we are not here to discuss the merits of reality TV and whether or not I should be polluting my brain with it. Remember again (redundant?) that I do not have any awesome vices anymore since I'm losing weight, so reality TV is it. Try and focus, people. ...more


I am a reality television addict and my husband totally enables me. Which I love and appreciate because real men watch Bravo as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, I feel like I have crossed over into some realm where I've never ventured before. For the first time in my life, I am watching a season of Big Brother. And I think I'm in love....more

A Stubborn and Rebellious Generation

We always tell our children, “do as I say, not as I do” or we say, “just because I did it, doesn’t mean you can.” But how effective is that—really? Not effective at all if you ask me.Take Astro and Rachel crow for examples... ...more

Home Repair - Reality TV

The owners obviously did not know about contingency clauses. They bought a second house and are now victims of their own ignorance. What to do? They call in some 25 year old expert in high heels and black tights to help them out of their dilemma. If she does not help they will have two mortgages to pay. Can this be the first time they thought of that? She arrives. Performs the obligatory insultive ritual. Calls their living room suite “tattered”. She chides them for having a dual purpose room (ergo a desk in the living room)....more

"Reality" Shows - How Real?

Ok, ok, I admit it. I watch them - but, usually only 3:  " Top Chef", on Bravo, will return in a few weeks, "Project Runway" (new season, now on Life Time), has come back to NYC after a season in LA, and “House Hunters”, on HGTV,  which I’ve admitted to in a previous post.On the surface, it is all fun stuff, fluff – but, I’m not so sure....more