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Regret … interesting word and probably many of us have encountered it in our lifetime. Sometimes we regret ‘cause we never take the opportunity when it comes knocking on our door and sometimes is the other way around …How do we know that we may or may not regret after our decision … Well … we don’t unfortunately. Otherwise this world would be a better place … The question is how do we prevent one and how to cope with it. Coping is not an easy task, I am afraid so. Some people take it to the extreme … some people simply ......more
@HomeRearedChef You are absolutely correct. Recently, I have watched a drama that goes like this ...more


Throughout the day I have been thinking about what to write about today. I didn't want to do another post complaigning about the dire current state of my financial affairs orgoing on even more about how much I am missing Milo (he'll be back in my arms tomorrow!!!) and then something this evening sparked my mind and so now I have my subject matter. ...more