Change Your Mind about the Illusion of "Failure"

How about today you decide to let go of your perception of the ”failures” in your life? Any break-ups with a lover or friend, the times you didn’t hit the sales goals in your job,  the times that something didn’t work out as you hoped it would or as you wanted it to....more

Throw our hands up …

Hm .. How many times we heard ourselves saying, “Whatever!”  Especially we, parents, there were times when we just didn’t want to deal with the problems anymore. We have been saying the same thing over and over again and our children just don't get it. They simply won’t listen to us. Or sometimes we bump into problems that we can’t solve. Seems like giving up is the best solution. Is giving up a good choice or not? When my kids were younger, I never let them giving up on anything....more