A Letter to The Grass That is Always Greener on the Other Side

Dear Greener Grass,I've got news for you, you're not that green, in fact, you're not even greenish. It's only the lights and reflection playing tricks on my mind. And that's what you actually are, an illusion.You pull me towards you with an invisible rope, I feign resistance but dutifully yield, only to discover it was all a facade. And numerous times have you entrapped me in your snare. At times coaxing, others matter-of-factly.But now, I'm on to you. I've had enough. I'm throwing down the gauntlet right at your non-green feet. Pick it up if you dare....more

Emails From The Future

 Well, I got another weird email….This one was from my college…which I graduated from in 2011…This is the actual email that I got LAST WEEK IN THE YEAR OF 2015:...more

A letter to my 4 year old son Joey

To my dear Joey,I write this letter to you less than 2 months from your 5th birthday. Wow, what can I say, you’ve taught me so much. I know that I get frustrated with you and worry constantly that I’m doing the right things as a parent to help you grow. I want to give you a strong foundation of kindness and support so you can as you start out in this world....more

Letter to the Editor

To the Editors: Mr.. Nevius quoted Mayor Agnos: "The struggle for poor people is over, he said, "because we don't have a place to build for them.  They were priced out long ago.. .....more

A Menopausal Mother's Letter To Santa

Dear Santa:    You might remember me from last year---you know, the crazy lady who wrote a letter begging you to stuff her stocking with Prozac and M&MS? Yeah, that was me. I have a new wish list this time, so put the cookies down and listen up. You owe me that much after replacing the Prozac with a bathroom scale last year. Not funny....more

Dear Friend, I'm sorry….

This post is inspired from a post by AberrantCrochet.  The point of her beautiful post, was that there is something special about a handwritten letter. (Read the post: The World Needs More Letters)This is not a handwritten letter but it is something I really want to say. Something that I need to have courage to say. If I say it here, I hope that I can feel brave enough to tell her in person. Dear Friend, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that my actions hurt you....more

To The Girl Who Will Break my Son's Heart

I wish you could see him as a four-year-old boy on the playground last week. Maybe you would change your mind. He was playing with a couple of new school friends, a boy and girl. They discovered a broken tree covered in colourful ribbons. It was lying on the ground across from the sandbox right by the school fence. They were fully engaged in the game, tying and untying the ribbons, treating what they were doing with the seriousness children reserve only for games. ...more
@inevertoldher Thank you so much! :-)more

Letters Home - May 2nd 1993

Mom, My God, I just came to a weird realization.  Something just clicked!  Remember when you used to tell me that I was really mean and nasty at home but to everyone else I was really nice and cheerful?  Well, check this out!  Emiri is a person who (especially lately) will literally stomp around the house and slam doors  and act perfectly miserable and cranky and like she is just mean and nasty....more

Busy week...

Dearest little bean, Your mama feels SO busy the last week or so. We got us a new car! That's been part of my busy-ness. It took some work to get the deal going and finished, but we got it! And you'll love it, I'm sure. I get to pick it up tonight with dad. ...more