How to Make a Letter Writing Kit for Kids

My daughter's friend just moved away, so we came up with this little gift for her....more

Is It Possible to Fall in Love Through Letters?

There are many websites where you can meet others and try to find your soul mate…that one and only true love. Is this possible? I’ve heard of stories about someone falling in love through letters, yet had never met in person. We’ve all heard of someone who met her spouse this way. The question is this… is it possible to fall madly in love through letters only…without meeting?...more

To the Woman I want to be

I originally posted this in my blog on March 13th, 2012. The day of my Oma's 85th birthday. She passed a week later. Today marks exactly one month since my family lost their matriarch. ...more
 @Bad Luck Detective Thanks so much! She was an absolutely incredible lady. She is who I want to ...more

The Great Letter Writing Campaign

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. ~Phyllis TherouxA letter can make a person's day or break a person's heart.Consider a sincerely felt thank you letter. You are letting the person know that you appreciate the thought and effort they put into giving you a gift. You are telling them you know and appreciate the time it took to show you how much they care. You are showing them that you care that they care....more

Communicaiton Changes

Letter writing and its demise is on the docket for today's February challenge blog post. Sending and receiving letters by regular postal carriers has been a mainstay of family life for the past century or more. Where has that tradition gone?...more

Remember Handwritten Letters? A Month of Letters Challenge

When I was a kid, my sisters and I fought over running to the mailbox. Whoever got there first was privy to the contents and could hand out the letters and look at the magazines and catalogues first. My kids don't run, to them it is a chore.Few people send letters anymore. The only time my kids run to the mailbox is the few days before and after their birthdays. They can't wait to see who sends a card or a present. My mother is great about sending them mail for every occasion and sometimes out of the blue. Their faces always light up when they receive something just for them....more

Lamenting a Lost Art: Letter Writing and Why We Don’t Do it Anymore

Remember back in the day? When the mailbox didn’t consist solely of junk? Where people still got dreaded bills in the mail, but also got something no-one knows or seems to care about anymore – a personal letter?  Not from a bank or some company trying to get your business. But a real letter. One that might have matching paper and envelopes – maybe even a scent of lavender or rose!...more

The Annual Christmas Letter

To write or not to write! The annual, end-of-year, sum it all up, this is how we are doing, letter. You throw it in with the Christmas card or it's a Christmas card unto itself. I've seen many versions and have written many types myself.  I like them as I get caught up from people I haven't seen in awhile. You know, girlfriends from college, friends who have moved, relatives who live faraway and even friends who live in the same town you are too busy to see!  We have friends who are so busy with their children that they send out a Valentine Day letters and one sent out a Christmas in July family letter!...more

We should look for a website that does something creative with those old cards. We have an ...more

Reinventing the lost art of letter writing.

Email isn't always accessible and letters sent electronically generally aren't worth keeping. Make what you have to say to someone both memorable and worthy of a scrapbook. Send a paper letter....more

Writing, the old fashioned way!

elhatt.wordpress.comThis morning I wrote a letter. A two-page, hand-written letter....more

Love love love love love it. I love that you were inspired by another post to write a letter and ...more