Checking the Mail

“Did you get the mail?” I ask my husband anxiously as he walks in the door with my daughter home from camp. ...more

Choosing what to forget

Up until this point, my husband and I have been the keeper of our son's memories. I've written letters to him since I learned I was pregnant, I'm one of those scrapbooking Moms who has shelves full of family albums documenting our family adventures, and my wonderful husband is the photographer of the family, capturing all the big (and little) moments of our lives....more

National Letter Writing Month: The letters we save

Do you have any letters tucked away in a special place? I don't often think about the letters we save, but when I do, they bring up so many memories. I have an entire box of letters that my husband wrote to me in our early days. I have the circle journal that I wrote about last week. There is also one letter that I forgot about until last week. I keep it in my daughter's baby book....more
What a special poem to have! My most special cards and letters are from my mom who passed away ...more

Casting Shadows In Opposite Directions....

NaBloPoMo Post #23Letters From My Sister Have you ever had a metaphysical discussion prompted by the learning of a new word? ...more

The importance of love

Dear Mom love letters

I was standing in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner when I heard my son's "serious voice" behind me. "Excuse me, Mommy. I need you to read this." He handed me a notepad, and on it he had written: ...more

11.30 Write for Rights

As one project ends, another one begins!I've been typing here every day for a month, and I've accomplished my goal of writing about my family vacation!So, the project for December: Amnesty International's Write for Rights!Here's today's work area......more

Lice: Letters from the war

My dearest Agatha,I miss you terribly, but I assure you that all continues to be well here on the battlefront. Thus far, skirmishes have been limited to soldiers in camp whom I am not familiar with, having never once had them to my side of the camp for a pre-arranged hour of rambunctiousness (with snacks). Almost weekly I receive anonymous notes that someone, somewhere in our camp, has been afflicted, and I am warned that I must remain vigilant. Happily, I continue to be pest-free....more

When It's Time For The Last Good-Bye

A blogging friend of mine,Tess at How the Cookie Crumbles ,is in the process of making her “final” plans....more