Dear Son - Book Review

I was so excited to read this book for review, as part of Tyndale Blog Network. Dear Son - David Bruskas...more

Dear Polar Vortex

 January 8, 2014 Dear Polar Vortex:      You may have won a few of the battles over the last couple of days here at our house, but you didn’t keep us down.  ...more
I clearly was the last person to hear the term polar vortex (I heard it on tv once yesterday on ...more

Fun Idea for Kids: Learning Letters with Rice

My three and a half year old daughters have been interested in letters for awhile, but mostly to the extent that they know the letter that their name starts with and can point it out in a crowded sentence. They know  a couple handfuls of letters and specifically that mommy starts with “M” and Daddy starts with “D” and “M” and “W” are sometimes confusing. They don’t know all of their letters or the sounds they all make and have only recently started to really try and write....more

A Letter To My Dad!

Hello dad,It is me once again knocking, celebrating you in my own way.I have no idea where you are, where He has taken you, what you are doing. Humm, for all I know you could be riding a bicycle or at the library, who knows but you?! Oh, how I wished you could read this one more letter but fate had it differently. Your carousel has stalled, the music stopped and the bell, no longer ringing.I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, how much I miss you, our talks, your wisdom, your smarts, your brightness.I miss being your child....more

Raise your hand if you still write letters

It's silly, we all know. But there are few things that make a day better than getting unexpected mail.Real mail. With envelopes and stamps. Mail from people we care about. Add extra "happy day" points if it's written on interesting stationary....more