A Letter to My Child's Teacher

Leo isn't my only child -- he has one sister entering kindergarten and another entering middle school -- but I will get to talk to my girls' teachers every day when I drop them off and pick them up. Meanwhile, Leo will be riding a bus twenty miles each way to a county school for kids with autism and behavioral issues. His teacher has the upper elementary class -- the big kids -- which in my opinion is one of the most challenging teaching positions in our county. I want her to know that I'm grateful she'll be teaching my son, and exactly how much I believe in her abilities. ...more

We are very fortunate; Leo has a great teacher, and had one for the past two years as well. ...more

Letter from an Educator

Dear parents of the new students I will get this year, You are getting ready to send your babies to me. They’re all sorts of ages and are, by no means, a true “baby” but many of them will use their learned helplessness to try to get by while they are in my care at school. I won’t let them. If I could, may I tell you a couple of things about your child? A few things that you may not know from my perspective as an educator? ...more

Dear college students & parents: Find a reason

In today's post I offer a bit of advice to young college students heading off to school, and to whichever parents or guardians or loved ones are watching and worrying (and taking out loans). Dear incoming college student and parent(s), I'm addressing this letter to both of you, because college is much more of a partnership than many families realize going in. There's going to be drama, unexpected drama, good and bad, even from the most even-tempered and high-achieving students, and I just want to give you both a head's up. ...more