Hold on Tight and Don't Move

I was laying on the couch watching TV when all of a sudden there he was. Crawling into the little nook by my side. Although, now he has gotten so big that he barely fits in that little nook anymore. But he squeezed in there nonetheless. I wrapped my eager arms around him and we both smiled....more
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Baby Come Back

Baby Come Back ...more

Letting Go of The Crib

I was making my usual Mickey Mouse pancakes on a Sunday morning when it happened. I guess I was too distracted by the breakfast commotion to realize what was taking place upstairs. While I was busy attending to the specific requests of each child (milk in a pink princess cup to go with the pink plate for S and orange juice in a Lightening McQueen cup to go with the blue plate for T), my husband was already disassembling the crib in T’s room....more

Removing the Bubble Wrap from Our Kids

Instinctively, I walked over getting the knife out of the drawer ready to begin slicing the strawberries for him. He put out his hand for the knife looking exasperated. "Mom! I've done it before." "When?" "When you were gone one afternoon and dad was downstairs working in the basement. I just did it. And I didn't cut my fingers. Just let me do it." ...more
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