Why Meditation May Not Be Working For You

 The quieter you become, the more you can hear.  - Ram Dass The benefits of meditation are getting a lot of press lately.  No longer viewed as a carryover from 1960’s hippie culture, meditation has been steadily finding new followers among the mainstream.  It is even being integrated into educational settings, corporate environments and prison programs. ...more

How Taking a Summer Break from my Business Helped Me Grow More than Ever

Oh baby, baby…It feels so good to be back!I thought my last true summer break was the year that I worked at the American Girl Store (I think I’m STILL finding glitter on my body from that summer…) But this summer, I was in for a big surprise.On May 19th, my boyfriend called me and told me the words that I had been waiting so long to hear; he just received a job offer in Los Angeles....more

Letting Go: What It's Like to Drop Your Baby off at College

"Is there anything to eat?"I think that's maybe what I'll miss the most--my hungry boy saying those words to me, in person or on the phone, usually multiple times on any given day.  I almost cried this weekend watching him fight his way through the mob in the cafeteria, trying to fill up his plate with meat.  I wished he could just sit down somewhere and wait while I sauteed a pan of boneless chicken tenders, just the way he likes them....more
Oh my goodness! As I read this, I am tearing up. I just dropped my 19 year old off for his 2nd ...more

A Compelling Case for the Third Element

 Between forgiving and forgetting, the two elements that are often talked about lies a space. And in that space you will find a third and easier element – getting past and letting go....more
This is a dilemma I've had for several decades. I like your idea of the Third Element, and think ...more

This High To Ride The Ride

“When you set high standards in your life and stick to them, there will be people who fall away. Let them.”Remember when you were a little kid and you couldn’t wait to ride the roller coaster? But first you had to get past that little wooden man with a ruler. You had to be a certain height to safely ride the ride....more

How to cut him off! (for good this time)

How to cut him off....more
Yooouuuu!!! what a good read!!!more

I am not a Crafy Girl

BlogHer NaBloPoMo February 3rd Prompt : ...more

Stop Arguing About Issues That Don't Exist

If you’ve ever been cheated on, then you know the feeling of anticipating that person, or a new love in your life to cheat on you again. You start to snoop or question your partner because when you believe something to be true, you will find the evidence to support it.I once dated a man who was with a possessive woman in his past. She would bicker about his social life and wouldn’t let him hang out with the guys, or have his personal time without it being an issue....more

Forgive and Forget

I sat in the corner of my hotel room reflecting on my now legal status of “divorced.” I never thought this would happen to me. My parents had been married over 50 years, so I had good role models. What happened? What’s wrong with me? These are questions that I asked myself over and over again. Why? Because I thought I was the “bad guy.”...more

The Art of Letting Go

I had some one at work tell me one that they wished they could be as positive as I am all the time. When I heard them say that I laughed at the idea knowing full well my history of being the exact opposite of that concept. When I look at my life now, even with the trials I face every day, I do tend to keep a optomistic outlook on how things will turn out....more