More on Letting Go of Anger, Guilt, Regret, Fear, and Worry -- Gaining The Inside Advantage

 Last time I talked about Replacement – deliberately substituting one image or scene, a thought in your  mind,  for another—one that is more beneficial....more

The importance of surrender and letting go

A few days ago I found myself in the middle of an emotional storm.  It was the kind of emotion that consumes your whole day without you even realizing it.  A person I love was unhappy with decisions I had made, decisions which I didn’t think were problematic.  This slowly bubbled into a volcanic eruption, one which I could not contain.  At first I tried to explain, tried to bring everything back under control and to a happy state, but it was not working.  As I felt my world turning upside down, I knew there was only one thing I could do....more

Giving Up or Letting Go? Gaining "The Inside Advantage"

How do you know when it’s time to give up—fighting for something you believe in, or want to have, or to have happen? To give up seems like a failure of sorts, and we don’t like to fail, to experience loss. You’re not sure if you can let go of your hopes and dreams, of something or someone. Maybe you think or feel that you can’t or don’t want to continue doing what you’ve been doing—thinking and acting in the same way, or perhaps moving in the same direction, or even staying on the same path....more

Letting Go: Do You Want Me to Hold Your Hand?

She’s older this year, a completely new person really. It’s amazing the difference six months makes in one so young. Last year I had to help her with everything, and this year she wants to do things on her own. In the weeks since the snow has melted and we’ve been able to use the play set, she’s mastered the ladder steps. After the first couple of trips up, I realized I could step back, remove my hand from her back, even be across the yard, and she could make it to the top on her own. ...more
wlee222 And thank YOU for the reminder that just because my kids are growing doesn't mean this ...more

A Senior's Emotional Life: How Letting Go Helps

We get stuff and then we don’t want to let it go. By the time we’re in our senior years, we’ve accumulated a fair amount of things....more

Key to Letting Go

How can letting go be the right choice? Won’t I drown?...more

One moment in time..

Fear and Letting Go

It's hard to be in this place again. The place of fear. Fear and I, though well acquainted overall, aren't the best of friends.Logically I know things are different with my father this go around, not quite as scary, it's still difficult to be in a place of not knowing what is going on and how to resolve it. My father is alert and can make decisions for himself, answer and ask questions, as well as give information easily. This make my role as helper easier....more

School Safety: How Quickly Should Schools Tell Parents about an Incident?

At 8:40 this morning I did something completely crazy. I bundled my daughter up in her coat, hat and gloves, walked her two blocks to this big brick building on the corner, opened up the door to the cafeteria, andleft her there! I didn't follow her in to make sure she got to a table safely. I didn't follow her upstairs to her classroom to make sure she put her coat away properly. I didn't sit at her desk and listen to the other kids talk to make absolutely sure no one was ever being mean to her, and I don't have the room bugged to ensure her teacher is never yelling at her. ...more
I don't expect to be informed when my child is not directly involved. That being said, our ...more

Oh The Places We Will Go!

There are certain numbers in your life that are milestones. There are several of them in a lifetime. Today, my youngest son turned eighteen. Suddenly, magically, he is now an adult. I know there is more to being an adult then a number. The number is just a starting place.He can vote, defend his country, and be held legally responsible for his actions. Yesterday he still was my little boy (I know he would not like that little boy reference but he was). Just yesterday he was playing with toy trucks and having sleepovers....more