Light Summer Lunch Lettuce Wraps

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Easy, Fun Appetizer: Deconstructed California Rolls

I wanted to mix things up a bunch for this year’s Academy Awards menu. I was thinking about making my first sushi for the blog, but decided that was too much work if you are going to be entertaining next weekend. With sushi on my brain, I surfed the internet and found a few recipes for deconstructed California rolls. I was hooked! Homemade spicy crab mix, avocado, a bit of cilantro to freshen things up… the combination is delicious! I swapped out the crackers and crostini for a bit of romaine lettuce, and found that these ended up being more like a funky lettuce wrap....more
So glad you liked them Tracy! So many fun variations you can make with this recipe :)more

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Poor Iris. She asked a flighty mom to write a guest post for her blog, and then she had to pester said mom until she finally buckled down to do it. Flighty mom apologizes. Flighty mom comes bearing food. Reallll good food. Head over there to get yer fillins....more

Weekend Menu Planning: Lettuce Wraps are Easy and Fun to Eat!

It was sometime in the 90's when lettuce wraps first started appearing on the U.S. culinary scene, made popular by Chinese-American restaurants, especially PF Chang's China Bistro, which has introduced many people to this dish. I remember the first time I tried them, with a friend named Mike who requested lettuce wraps at a restaurant where they weren't actually listed on the menu (but if you were in the know you could get them). The first lettuce wraps I had featured spicy ground chicken, seasoned with hoisin sauce and garlic and served with butter lettuce leaves that you filled with the chicken mixture. I thought they were some of the best things I'd ever tasted, but at that time it never occurred to me how easy they would be to make at home. ...more

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