Be the Match: Bone Marrow Registration

I registered with Be The Match, the national bone marrow registry, in the name of Julian Sims, a 10 year old boy with leukemia in my neighborhood. I don't personally know Julian or his family, only read his story that chemotherapy failed and a bone marrow transplant is his next hope. Unfortunately, Julian's family members are not a match. Registration is a highly personal decision, so read more at Be The Match. This entry is dedicated to Julian Sims, his family, his friends and hope. ...more


If I count backwards through the gifts that Richard gave me, they all end with the house and everything in it, left to me in his will. Eleven days before that, he gave me a band of diamonds. The night before that, two silver bracelets at the rehearsal dinner. Then back three weeks more to Valentine’s Day 2005, when he surprised me in his hospital room with a box of chocolates and a card tucked between the hands of a teddy bear wearing a little sweater with a red heart on it....more