Under The Rainbow: How The Pride Flag Really Began

With pride months growing in popularity all over the world, the sight of the rainbow flag is becoming ever more present in today's society....more

How Do Believers Disagree in Love?

The more I grow in faith and become well versed in scripture and understanding it, the more I find myself better equipped to actually discuss the Word with other believers. But two people being believers and a followers doesn’t automatically equate to them being in agreement all the time. When it comes to almost every topic there are and will be disagreements. Religion and faith aren't the same for everybody. And it took me some time to understand this....more

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I Miss E. Lynn Harris

20 Years Later: This summer Harlem's famed Apollo Theatre will present the musical adaptation of E. Lynn Harris's debut novel, Invisible Life....more

Coming Out…Again

I’m queer. I always have been, though this may come as a surprise to some. I came out to certain members of my family in 2009 after deciding that I wanted to live free and clear about who I am without the burden of playing a role that was never meant for me. I didn’t feel affected by any backlash, mostly because my son and I lived six hours driving from my nearest family member. I could choose to answer my phone, or not. One night not long after New Years Day 2010 I got a phone call. You know that feeling in your gut that says, “Don’t pick up...”?...more

Referendum To Ban Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption

Last year, over 400,000 people in Slovakia signed the petition that called for the "Protection of Family" referendum, with ultimate goal to ban same-sex marriage and same-sex adoptions. The population of Slovakia is just under five and a half million. That is a very simple math and a very sad equation. The referendum is set for February 7th. ...more

11 Important Tips for Parents When Your Child Comes Out

Step 1: Take a deep breath. OMG, right? Big news. Or maybe it wasn't. Maybe you suspected this was coming. But you should still breathe anyway because you need do that to keep being alive. So this step applies no matter what. Get some oxygen into you. ...more
Thank you so much for sharing this. My son just came out to me (he's 13) and I've completely ...more

How One LGBT Family Decided Whether or Not to Boycott the Sochi Olympics

My family and I are all abuzz about the Olympics this week! The kids are most pleased that they will be allowed to watch more television than usual, and we grownups are looking forward to watching athletes at the top of their game represent their countries with pride. There is a part of us that hopes to witness a significant amount of protest, as well. I came to my decision to watch the games after a lot of thought. ...more
KellyMOSullivan  Thank you for that! I'm definitely all about the learning. My imperfect, glass ...more

I'm Afraid of Getting "Gay-Married"

Daily Prompt: Fright Night  What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?What am I afraid to do?I'm afraid to get married. (Yes, "gay-married" in the headline was tongue-in-cheek.)To be clear, I want marriage equality so that the decision is mine, not the state government....more
SueCat  You are most welcome... sometimes it does feel that way. I can only imagine the ...more

A Need For Safety

Luke “Sasha” Fleischman, 18, has a friendly smile and likes wearing a skirt. They (Sasha’s preferred gender pronouns are they, them, their, and it) were born biologically male, but identify as agender. On November 4, Sasha fell asleep riding the bus from their Berkeley, California, high school on the way to their home in Oakland. When Richard Thomas, 16, got on the bus, he lit their skirt on fire. When I heard about Sasha, I wanted to rush to their aid and protect them....more
Thanks for writing and posting this, Eva. We need more voices like yours.more