I'm in the Liar Club

If I admit I’m a liar from the onset, how much will you continue to read? What if I promise you this piece of writing is absolutely, 100% the truth? I do lie sometimes, but I won’t right now....more

You are a liar Devil

There are times in my journey when things gets worse each day of my life. No matter how hard i pray things get worse. No matter how i keep on pressing, it only seems as if i will be adding more fuel to more problems.  Do you know why? The devil only wants to  frustrate me. I lost my phone on Saturday on my way to the prayer session & i realised it in the middle of the session. The devil wanted me to do wrong by accusing God, not knowing i knew it was his plan....more

It Turns Out Joel the Interior Designer Wasn’t An Interior Designer OR Named Joel

Let’s take a moment to discuss pathological liars. I have already ranted about my ex-boyfriend, Joey, making up an entire vacation so that he didn’t have to hang out with me. And now you’ll find out about Joel…And, by the way, I feel okay using that name — because it’s technically not his name and I don’t think you can get angry at someone for using your real fake name.Joel, a very fashionable, good looking guy whom I met in a bar,  introduced himself as an Interior Designer.  I was impressed with that (never having met an interior designer before). We spoke for a few minutes near the coat check, and exchanged numbers....more

The Third Grade Liar

One cold blistery Maine winter morning, I climbed my way up the rickety stairs of my elementary school. I joined the line of third grade girls on the left side of the staircase, as one the the teachers was heading down. “Renee, how was your weekend?” She cheerfully asked me. I thought for a moment before slowly and sadly reached up touching my throat. In the raspiest most pained whisper I could muster up said “I had my tonsils out.”...more

The problem with black faces and books

crossposted from What Tami Said Why would a young adult (YA) book about a black girl with feature ...more

Race and When Book Covers Lie

I, like I am sure many people do, assume a character looks like me when I read a book. More often than not they, like me, are white. But many woman don't see themselves frequently reflected on book covers or in the books themselves. The main characters in the book they read are white and they are not. Characters of colour are under-represented in books and when they are represented they are even more rarely the protagonist. So why is it that when a young adult literature author writes a book about a black female protagonist the girl on the cover is white? ...more

I used to sell multicultural children's literature and do workshops on the topic.  There are ...more

liar, liar, pants on fire!

Are you a liar, too?I recently read a book about how much we, here in the good old USA, lie. ...more