Not Perfect But Who Accounting

ing Coffee With Peppy“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” By Edgar Alan Poe...more

Compassionate Conservatism

Was that ever really a thing? I mean, besides a way to sugarcoat regular conservatism to make it sound more appealing to swing voters? I think it was Tony Blair who said something like, “Compassionate conservatism means we’re still not going to help you but we’re really sorry about it.”...more
The GOP has a few contradictions! The best is Abortion and Birth Control. We know if Birth ...more

I hold THESE truths to be self-evident....

     I love the South.  I love the food, the folks, and the kind conversation.  That being said, I will admit that watching parts of the world march on while many of my fellow Southerners plant their heels firmly in the past to be more than a bit disturbing.  But hold up ya'll!  Just a minute!...more

With All Due Respect My Fellow Americans

I am an American. I am also a Liberal, a Democrat, a Progressive...You get the point. I do not claim to be a political scholar of any kind...However, I know what my own values are and I don't foresee changing anytime soon...Nor am I writing this to convince my Republican buddies to to share in my convictions...Why yes!!!...I do have friends and family who are Republican! *Collective GASP!* I have a number of friends who I consider intelligent, knowledgable people, who seem to have done their homework and will most certainly vote differently than myself. That's ok...I can respect that. ...more