See What Happens When You Google Yourself?!

     And when I say "Googling yourself", I don't mean *wink, wink* "Googling yourself"....I am referring to the search engine Google.     Yes, ordinarily, I'm here talking about sex...but just hang on a moment while I relish this incredible discovery and I'll get to the sex, I promise!     Since I am an avid sweepstaker, I occasionally Google my own name to see if it appears on a winner's list somewhere, you know, for a tee shirt, water bottle or gift card....more

Will a Little Pink Pill Help Women With Decreased Libido?

Has your little lost sex drive gone into hiding? Have you forgotten what it feels like to be hot for your lover? Do you feel like you want to be sexual, but you’re just not, like a switch within you just flipped to the permanent OFF position?...more

If they ever need a clinical trial group, I would happily volunteer for this pink pill!

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"It's Complicated" Is Simple, After All

by Patricia Yarberry Allen I have been waiting to see Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, with all their middle age glory, in a state of postcoital bliss for months now.I was not disappointed to see the eternal adolescent, Jake – played by Alec Baldwin— seducing his former wife, Jane, played by Meryl Streep....more

Turned On, Sexy and Alive! at Midlfe

Here is some straight talk about sex, gals, from Christiane Northrup, MD. A long-time advocate for women’s intution, natural healing and self-care, we’ve come to expect Christiane to tell it like it is. In The Secret Pleasures of Menopause she breaks surprising new ground - from the importance of self-pleasure – what the Taoist call the Art of Self-cultivation - so we know our own bodies and what pleases us – to the news about nitric oxide, a gas vital to health and vitality that’s emitted during any pleasurable sensation - this is not your mother’s menopause! ...more

Are blueberries the new Viagra?

Ok, so a recent article some of you might have see on MSN Seven Foods to Power Your Libido, was talking about different foods you can eat to increase a mans sexual ... umphf. They all seemed pretty straight forward until I got to number seven. ...more


Get access to America's top doctors without making an appointment. Just submit your health questions to women's health advocate and's founder Michelle King Robson and your question could get answered. MY SEXUAL LIBIDO IS HURTING MY MARRIAGE Hi Michelle: ...more