Stressed and Busy: Is It Your Badge of Importance?

Do you wear your stress as a badge of honor? Prefacing everything with "I know you're busy...but...?" What about random judgments about how much or little other people must be stressed? Guilty of jumping to conclusions? This article takes a thoughtful look at being busy and being stressed. ...more

School Librarians Get the Third Degree

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is having serious budget problems. There is a section on the district web site that shows a chart of how they spend the money. One of the LAUSD solutions is the closing of elementary and middle school libraries. ...more

You have people that really do not understand why we need real people to communicate with ...more

It's Library Appreciation Week: Have You Loved Your Library Today?

Happy Library Appreciation Week! I love libraries, even more than that I appreciate them. My childhood would not have been the same without them, and it's not a stretch to say that my adult life would be quite the same either. Bloggers around the web are sharing their library love this week, as well as their library fears. ...more

Mine do. Have you talked to your library about this?

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Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day by Recognizing Geeky Librarians

Ada Lovelace Day is one of my favorite blogging days. The only problem comes in deciding which of my favorite geeky women to honor. It's a tough job - and we can all do it! Join the rest of the Ada Lovelace Day bloggers and blog about your own favorite women in tech. ...more

That's the nifty thing about geekyness, there's always room to geek out - more - bigger - ...more

Do You Love Your Librarian?

Librarians spent a long time living with the bad, and false, reputation as cranky older ladies who don't like people and go around "Shhhh!" everyone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Librarians are helpful, lovely, friendly, wonderful beings. They rock. Which is why I wish that I could nominate my favourite librarians for the I Love My Librarian award. Unfortunately I'm Canadian and the award is sponsored by the American Library Association so I can't. But many of you certainly can. ...more

I know. We Canadians are so left out. But I just blogged about more

Not enough books for boys or are we raising boys wrong?

Is seems like the one issue that keeps going around and around is about books for boys. Where are they? What are the good ones? Why aren't there more? There are plenty of great books. Why do they have be "boy" books and "girl" books? Bloggers have started to consider that maybe we've been asking the wrong question. Maybe the question isn't about where the books for boys are but why boys need books about boys? Why is it that boys can't read books about girls? ...more

How old are we talking about here?  I have no problem finding books for my 10-yr-old son.  I can ...more

Library Memories

Libraries are the heart of the community and librarians may very well be the saints of the literary world. In my world they may even rank above the authors of books since librarians will turn me on to undiscovered authors and books in ways that authors simply cannot. Often it's the people who work at the library, be they the librarian, voluteer or story lady, that make the library such a special place. ...more

Marion The Librarian Also Blogs

So you think you know a librarian when you see one? And you think they are de-sexed, disengaged and have nothing to do with your real life?  And what would a library blogger blog about anyway, books? Come closer, my little chickadee. Anything you are dealing with in meat-space they are working on in cyberspace. ...more

Soon as I get a chance I'll dive in and reap in the goodness.
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Ask a librarian--and not just because it's National Library Week

I've lost count of how many times students have told me they're having trouble finding sources for their papers--which means I've also lost count of how many times I've told them to go talk to a reference librarian. I can't sit down with every student in a 100-person class, explain the library's system of databases, tell them which databases best fit with their paper's topic, help them identify search terms, and then show the students how to find books, print the articles on the library's printers, or purchase copy cards for the photocopiers. ...more

i love librarians.  i made friends with the map librarian at my university - he was awesome!  ...more

Librarian Bloggers Rock

We're about a week away from Banned Book Week. It only seems appropriate to pay homage to those that are on the front lines of the fight against censorship - librarians. When you think of librarians do you still think of the ladies who looked cranky and were constantly telling you to - "Hush" and "Be quiet!"? ...more