What, Library of Congress? No Asian or Native American Books Shaped America?

The Library of Congress recently released a list of Books That Shaped America, along with an exhibit of the same name that will be on display in Washington D.C. until September. Out of the 88 books chosen for their influence on our nation’s culture, not a single title was written by an Asian American or Native American. That’s right. Not a single novel, non-fiction account, children’s picture book, or even cookbook (there are a few of them included, too) focuses on the experiences of these often overlooked ethnic groups....more
American History begins with Indian History.more

Library of Twitter?

So this is not new news, but at least it's recent news. That's saying something for me. Although I must give full credit to The Mr. because without him, I'd basically know nothing current or relevant. Partially, it's his job. No, really. It's a sweet gig in a way, he basically monitors media....more

Library of Congress Acquires the Twitter Archives and All Your Embarrassing Tweets

Things on the Internet really do live on forever: The Library of Congress announced today that it has acquired the Twitter archives. Every public tweet from March 21, 2006 is now in the hands of your government for archival and scholarly purposes. ...more

Wow, Melissa, good point!! That is truly food for thought!more