Lice, Ugh

I’ve had lice as an adult three times, in three countries. I hate to brag but it’s the truth.Maybe I shouldn’t admit this so readily but I’m sharing with you now so that if you ever contract lice, you will know, I feel your pain. I’m well-acquainted with your scratchy village. When you, literally, get the itch, you can call me and I will comfort you. And then I’ll submerge myself in tea tree oil in case the vermin can spread via phone waves....more

Lice & Other Gross Stuff | 47 Secrets to a Younger You | MomCave LIVE Ep 54

Our kids are lovable and snuggle-able. Except when they make our skin crawl. Since becoming a mom, have you dealt with more gross crap than you ever imagined? Join us LIVE on Wednesday 1/13 at 7pm EST as we talk about lice and other gross stuff moms encounter. Our guests will be the funny mamas behind the comedy 47 Secrets to a Younger You....more

Five Times Head Lice Is More Than Just Head Lice

One day two years ago, when I still cared what my kids looked like in their school photos, I woke up early and got them all gussied up for picture day.  I walked my three children into school and told my daughter that I was sure her head itched “because of the hairspray they used at the wedding,” she had been in that weekend.  And why did my son’s head itch he wanted to know?  “Mosquitos,” I said.  And I believed what I was saying....more

How to Get Rid of Lice ... Naturally

"When you reach the end of your rope,tie a knot and hang on."-Thomas JeffersonA few Sundays ago, I went to urgent care. Nothing major, but my head was insanely itchy and I had an equally itchy rash on the back of my neck....more

Lice Lessons

By Vanessa SchenckI think it’s safe to say that most of you reading this have an iPhone. So, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say the word, “auto-correct.”...more

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Louse

IA boy and a girl go to the doctor for their annual wellness exams.A boy and a girl are well.A mother mentions the boy's dandruff.The mother leaves the doctor with the boy, the girl, a Web MD print off about lice, and panic. IIThe drugstore has shelves and shelves of shampoos, conditioner, serums, and dyes.The drugstore has a colorful display of combs and brushes and hair elastics and headbands.The mother cannot find the lice treatment and must ask the pharmacist....more
@Bourbon Girl Thanks so much for the tip.  Wish I had read it before my daughter had a new case ...more

What is the most contagious STD?

I was quite shocked that crabs (AKA pubic lice) is as prevalent as it is. But in the past week I have been asked about it three different times from people all over the US, which made me think that this topic needed a little discussion related to what crabs are, how you get them, and how to treat them.  I wasn’t sure how prevalent they are, but they are clearly around, and infections are on the rise....more