I call bullshit on… final destinations

At 18 I wanted to be a writer. Or an artist. Or an interior deisgner. Or a prison warden. Or a social worker. Or a housewife. Twenty five years later, I'm a little of all of them - but I still haven’t reached that destination point where I am satisfied with my lot in life. And thank the Universe for that. ...more

Starting Fresh

I can imagine one day walking into past offices that were there to help me. I can see the doctor or counselor open my file. Glancing at it I can see their mind race with thoughts and ideas of what makes up the idea of me. The labels - opinionated diagnoses - a file from here or there... what was said about and observed of me... never the whole me.I can imagine getting out of my seat picking up this file, out of their hands, and placing it into the garbage can. I can imagine starting over - starting fresh.Broken and still beautiful....more

Beauty From Ashes: Changing Your Perception

Beauty from Ashes. It’s simple yet profound. It’s a concept from the Bible, but you don’t have to be Christian to understand. Everyone has difficult times in life. Their situations vary. The struggle for all is the same.My fiance and I had it all. Maybe not to some. Some want a lot of materialistic things. Some view expensive objects as a sign of success. It is true, you have to be successful to have expensive things, but you don’t have to have expensive things to be successful. Those struggles in life tend to put this realization into perspective....more

Observing my Family, aka Children in the Mist

I have a very active imagination. Sometimes I think of the weirdest things; just the tiniest fragments of thought that gain momentum until they have a life of their own, like a spark in a fireplace. These thoughts are often strange, sometimes disturbing, and usually apropos of nothing.For example, I wondered what it would be like if scientists embedded themselves with my family in our natural habitat. You know, like apes in the wild. That’s normal, right?Okay, well. Whatever. I digress....more

The Simple Things

 The Simple Things... Some simple things I have learned in the last 48 years......more

When Did We Lose It?

When did we lose it?In all our time on this earth, all the trials and success mankind has had, when did we lose it? When did we stop noticing all the wonderful things around us, the tress, flowers, animals and wonder that is ours to enjoy?...more

For My Daughters...

For My Daughters,So much time has gone by since the day you were bornFrom that moment on I knew that I now knew loveYour contagious laughter and hugs so warmYou are a gift from heaven above.I know I have not been a perfect motherMistakes were made, hearts were shatteredBut I swear to you this, I love you like no otherYou being happy was all that mattered.I pray that someday you will understandThat parents are only human just like youSo forgive my mistakes and take my hand...more

It's OK (Haiku)

It's ok to feel Not ok - it's not ok To not feel at all.It's way more ok To feel way ok about It all. That's ok.To be ok withOk and not ok is One kind of ok:It's inside ok. And inside ok becomes Outside ok. Always.Keiko Mulligan http://keikomulligan.com...more

Be Present in this Moment

We're on this amazing journey called life. There's no way to stop the journey, except for death, and even then, I believe it to be just another step in the journey. We cannot go backwards to a place we've already been, and we cannot speed forward to the place unknown....more

Family Moments: Puppy

Puppy!  Our sweet puppy has been with us about 6 weeks.  He is sweet, cute, playful and VERY curious.  He is a stealth ninja sock stealer and demander of cuddles.  He is very much like having a third child.Meet Fozzie!...more