How to Survive the First Year of Your Divorce

How to Survive Your First Year After Divorce  ...more

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Work/Life Balance? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself … and Answer Honestly

Are you tired of working too many long hours? Do you feel occasional pangs of guilt that you “should be” spending more time with your loved ones? Or working out and staying fit? Or engaging in your hobbies and passions? Or keeping up with the stacks of unread books and magazines? Or just going out and having more fun? ...more
These are really good pointers--and they work for stay-at-home mom's too.  Women, and this is a ...more

5 Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?  Someone you love and respect?  Someone whose talents you admire?  Someone you care for and cherish?   How you answer these questions is an accurate measure of your level of self-esteem....more

How 10 Minutes a Day Can Lead to a Happier You ...more

After Divorce to survive and thrive

it cant all be be bunnies and flowers

How To Pick A Divorce Attorney

Here is what I did during my divorce:1.  Wandered through my house in my Snugli, looking like Friar Tuck, and carrying a box of Captain        Crunch.2.  Drank a lot of wine and then sent scathing emails to my ex, which will definitely come back to haunt me if I ever run for Governor or anything.3.  Wore a new hairstyle called "The baseball cap"4.  Caused my friends to run the other way if they saw me in the grocery store....more

Would You Read This Autobiographical Novel?

It begins with a small girl in bare feet playing in the dirt outside her modest home.  But it is just a fleeting memory of a woman who is about to be greeted by a head of state, though just for a moment.  The bright lights of the camera crew are blinding her, but she stands tall and shakes his hand with a happy smile on her face.  As he moves onward toward the next person, she remembers passing her 1 year old daughter into the hands of a US President.  "How far I have come," she thinks to herself with amazement.  Her job as a Consular Officer at the US Embassy ...more

Balance & Proportion

To continue on the topic of designing a new life, today I was thinking of balance and proportion in my bedroom and realized that this, too, is important in structuring a new life.  Finding balance can be difficult depending on the room shape and size, the furniture in it and what is on the ceiling.  So it is in starting over.  It can be difficult to find a balance when you have no partner to help you do all the tasks needed to be done in one day.  Most often, I remove everything from a space and only move in the big things first.  Now, I'm doing that with my...more