what gives me strength

What gives me strength during this time?  That is hard to explain. I moved to Ocean County to be near my "person".  Then all of the sudden I lost everything, personal items, furniture, memories, and my cat.  She refused to come out of hiding and bolted during the evacuations - guessing it was the cat carrier in the living room.  A few days after the storm I felt lost, answerless, and numb.  Those who are close to me always boast that I am SO STRONG.  Not this time, I was defeated physically and mentally.  I decided to yell at myself to "Sna...more

Rising Up....

I wanted to dedicate my new blog to all those who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy.  I am one of them, along with my boyfriend.  We are safe and in a new place but its been a very hard few months.  You will notice that my blog deals with great cooking ideas for kids and adults.  My new project was founded the night of the Hurricane while staying in a hotel with no power and trying to figure out what to feed our troops (his 3 boys, dogs, and his father and his girlfriend).  ...more

Sometimes dreams really do come true

When I was young I was obsessed with watching talk shows.  It didn’t matter who the host was, I loved them all.  When I was bored I would think up ideas for shows.  Sometimes, I would even grab a large spoon to use as a microphone, and pretend to be the host…. ...more
@HomeRearedChef  @Denise Virginia - I am lucky I learned how to work the TV here... Marc is mr ...more

Images on television don’t prepare you

You had a very difficult day.  Nothing seemed to go your way.  You are tired, you are cranky and you are stressed.  You are so looking forward to relaxing.  You want a break.  Scratch that.  You NEED a break!...more
@Darcie Love you...   I forgot what normal is... but I can't say I am hating totally on this ...more