Lessons from an Ageless Bird

I was on the phone with a friend yesterday and in the midst of my poison ivy story, I was horribly distracted by the obnoxiously loud bird squawking in the background. ...more

I Took My Last Family Vacation for Granted

The last vacation I took with my parents and sister was to Puerto Rico in July 1996. I just graduated from NYU, newly dating my later-to-be husband. My sister was madly in love with her then boyfriend and played Nothing Else Matters by Metallica on loop the whole time. My parents, still two years shy of their quarter-century divorce, met some fellow Russians vacationers and got drunk. My sister and I moped around like teenagers, missing our boyfriends, and avoiding our parents....more

The Fragility of Life -April 17

I could have lost a daughter in childbirth on Saturday.My daughter almost bled out when she lost a litre of blood  in a matter of seconds after an emergency C-section.Of course, in a modern hospital, an emergency team of no less than ten people, descended on her in the recovery room, whipped off all sheets and even her nightgown which upset her husband. He had to be dragged out and told why she was treated like a piece of meat, naked with doors left wide open to the public corridor....more

Surrendering to My Alcoholism

“At least you’re fighting it, “she said. “Good for you. My father wasn’t able to fight his alcoholism and it killed him,” she went on, her voice lowering to a whisper. “And if I can’t fight my alcoholism I’m going to die just like he did.”  The word “fight” immediately set off alarm bells inside my head. “Not fight,” My mind whispered....more

My most chilling Death story...

I know way too much about death...Oh wait...is this too morbid for a NaBlaPoMo post?  I didn't see it in my list of November prompt options...maybe I could save this for the day after Thanksgiving...Black Friday......more
@elaineR.N.  Wow!  Need to share that with my husband...that makes sense.more

How to Help a Mourner

I guess this is sort of a "Lessons Learned" post in reverse. Not so much lessons we've learned this last week, but more of a "What To Do" if you're ever in the situation yourself.One week ago, Dot's boyfriend of over two and half years passed away. In the week since, we continue to experience an amass of emotions and while some people have been wonderfully considerate, we've had some experiences that could have been avoided.This post is dedicated to helping people on the outside understand how they can (and can't) help someone in mourning....more

Thirsty For News

If I said I thirsted for good and happy news stories that would be a bit of a dramatic exaggeration, but I do long for good news. Every morning, Monday through Friday, 4:00 a.m., it’s always the same thing. Deaths, unemployment, natural disasters, the economy, politcians, war. If it’s negative, if it’s shocking, it leads the broadcast and, take my word for it, that’s really not the best way a person can start the day. Today was no different and by the time I was dragged through stories about Herman Cain’s alleged sexual improprieties and Dr....more

Strong Women: Sergeant Kathy Flynn

This is the second post in a series featuring exceptional women in Eugene. ...more

An Unexpected Gift

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. Shocked, actually, and then heartbroken. The two magnificent redwoods in the area just outside our condo’s kitchen window were slated to be removed....more

Unthinkable Thoughts

The U.K.’s Guardian recently posted an article about a 23-weeker. “Nathan was born at 23 weeks. If I'd known then what I do now, I'd have wanted him to die in my arms.” At first glance this seems like a horrible statement - who wishes death upon their child?...more