Wednesday Wisdom: How do you Stick up for You?

 Perseverance, resilience, and hard work are ingrained in me. I attribute that in part to my parents. My father is an immigrant from Italy and worked hard his entire life. His dedication to my family was/is the priority. You will never meet a harder working man. My mother lost her mother at an early age and had to deal with too much adversity growing up. No child should have to deal with what she did. But they made it. They struggled, survived and flourished together....more

It’s Okay to Say No {Finding Balance}

I recently had the opportunity to participate on a relay team for a triathlon here in Las Vegas with some really great athletes.  I initially was totally up for it, but once I got into looking at my calendar, I realized that it conflicted with something else my husband and I had going on (aka beer and wine festival the previous night).  Yeah, drinking beer and wine the night before running a half marathon just doesn’t really sound appealing.  I thought about my options.  I could still go to the festival, but not drink.  I could skip the festival all together.  ...more

Stop Hacking Your Life: Shortcuts Only Hurt You

Hack Your Way to Better Productivity. To a Better Body. To a Sharper Memory.These kinds of blog titles are all over the Internet. Everyone wants to help you hack your way to a better life. It’s become a hot buzzword. And a personal pet peeve....more
I love this so much! It's really refreshing to see someone advocating for a slower, and in my ...more

I hate November

The last straw was when I opened my facebook page this morning and there was a big thread from Walmart in my news feed....more

Catching Up With Yourself

These days it seems as if you are going 100 miles an hour. There is no stopping you because your path is clear. You are working to achieve your goals. Everything seems to be going your way. Your vision where you've wanted to go is so near. You're not sure where you're getting your energy from, but it seems endless. The days seem too short for you to accomplish all that you want to do. But you continue pushing forward as if there is no tomorrow. At one point, your body, mind, and spirit will want to take a break....more

How to Escape a Schedule

Sometimes you've just got to get away. Meetings, chores and other to-do's pile up and make it impossible to give your creative work the time that it needs--let alone he peace of mind to focus on it.But never fear! With the right moves you can give yours schedule the slip and give yourself the time you need to do the stuff that really matters to you. Here's three ways to do it....more

This just in: A woman who's satisfied with her life!

Recently my life partner and I had lunch with his mother and her longtime companion. The most exciting part of the meal was the very large black bear that ran around in a field behind the restaurant until employees chased it away. The most interesting part was what his mom said about flowers.She’d gone to a local nursery and was so taken by the blooms that she bought more than she needed. In fact, it’s been long time since she bought anything she didn’t specifically need.“It was nice to want something,” she said. “I haven’t wanted anything in a long time.”...more

Frailty, Thy Name is NaBloPoMo

Oh, it always sounds so simple: a month's worth of posts in thirty days and thirty nights. Following the adage of easier said than done, however, the less time I have to finish something, the harder it is to do, which is a problem. What's the problem? Well, when I finally get time to myself to sit down and enjoy my writing for BlogHer, it's when I'm really tired and would rather be slipping in between the covers, than into a desk chair to work the keyboard....more
@Kraken YAY!!!!!!! HOW ARE YOU KRAKEN!?! My prayers have been answered. You have risen out of ...more

Having A Quiet Passion

There may be some of us that feel that it is difficult to be around people who are passionate because they tend to be overly enthusiastic and it makes us feel as if we are missing out on something. How can they be so focused and positive about what they love? The answer is they aren't. We are only seeing what we want to see. They are bringing out our own insecurities. If we look deep within ourselves, we will find that there are a few things in our own life that we're passionate about. But because we are all so unique, we show our love in different ways....more

The Winds Of Change

It is the middle of the year, when we all need to stop and reflect whether we are going in the right direction. How are we doing with the resolutions that were made on January lst? Now is the time to re-evaluate where we are and change our course if we are headed down the wrong path.We often make promises but have no clue where we will end up, so at some point re-looking at our plans is only natural. At this time of the year, instead of getting down on ourselves for not keeping our promises, we can create new ones that we can work on till the end of the year....more