What do I want to be?

We have a lot of firsts in our lives...Tomorrow will be my first official day as a SAHW (stay at home wife).  It should have started earlier than this but I agreed to do P/T consulting for the company I had been working for.  ...more
you are so lucky, I would try the community theater. that would be so much fun.more

Face-to-Face with My Empty Nest Life

I am at last face-to-face with my empty nest life, even if I am still in denial. Today, my first day with an empty house, I want to remain tucked within my sheets, indulging in a flood of salty tears that have already soaked through and stained my pillow. I have no desire to open my eyes and indulge them to a surrounding wall of obvious sunshine and warmth outside.My heart is breaking! And this is only my first day....more
Hey Virginia -  So good to see you writing again.  I've missed your stories, your family ...more


I have very few friends "my age". I do not know why or how this happens....but it is true.I attended a cancer benefit last night with two of my girlfriends with the intent of meeting a group of blended couples and others that would be there. It was lovely.The band that was hosting is a favorite, notorious for playing 90's hip-hop.....which, when you are 44, was the stuff you cherish as "your jam"; the anthems of your youth and dancing fun days....more

Homestyle Chicken & Gravy

 Yesterday was one of those days that I needed to seek out comfort…...more

Life Changes?

Well these past few months have been interesting. I'm making more changes, when it comes to my future and being able to get the heck out of this city. I'm grateful for much of what it has given me, but if I stay here, I will shrivel up and die....more

I'm the author of my life

Originally published here: http://reticulatedwriter.blogspot.com/2013/09/reticula-wrote-blog-post.html...more

Part 2 Reuniting With My Sister

Ariana is Still Growing...more

Friday Wrap-Up, July 12-13

What does empathy mean to You?

Sometimes life can be hard in the simplest of ways. After experiencing a difficult and long day working at home I had reached the 'driving on empty' stage when there was a knock at the door. My husband went to answer and after a quick exchange closed the door, I went into the hallway to see who the caller was.  It was a guy selling inexpensive items from a bag, a hawker. After a short exchange with my husband, he decided to go find the guy and give him a small amount of money, however the man had disappeared. ...more

Art Imitates Life - Change and Red Velvet Cake

 My goal today was to make a Red Velvet cake with a kick of spice....more