Jumping off the treadmill

No, this is not a fitness post gone wrong, by telling you to dive off your treadmill. That would probably be dangerous, and hurt. Jumping off the treadmill is a term we have used for the last couple of years. Basically it means that life can be like running on a treadmill, you run like hell and never get anywhere.  You get the job to pay the bills, to work some more, and pay more bills. It never ends, unless you get off the treadmill, look around, and reevaluate. ...more

New Year's Resolutions: Are You Serious?

In the past, I have talked about losing weight and my big plans for how I’d go about that....while stuffing my face.  I’ve talked about building a powerful business, while thinking and playing small focusing on all I couldn’t do.  I’ve talked about quitting drinking....you got it.....while drinking.I’ve seen others do this as well.  Maybe they even launch out in action for a short time, but then quickly revert to the old behaviors leading to the old results, or worse....more
Absolutely. The action, the means to realize the intentions, is the subject of the next post in ...more

Of Advent…10 Days to Christmas & Received a 60-Day Notice to Move!

Tonight, while hubby and I were having dinner, the doorbell rang. It was our landlord’s representative, serving us papers that say we have 60 days to move out. My heart dropped to my stomach and my delicious food turned sour! And no, we haven’t done anything wrong. It is our misfortune to be renting. Sigh!...more
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Coincidence or Does The Universe Have a Plan For Me?

November 17th post:   http://dld.bz/az4fm ...more



The Reality of Menopause

There is so much that nobody told me, how my life would change when I became full-blown menopausal: besides everything becoming life-changing, for some (like me), the never-ending up and down experiences have been, to some degree, rather traumatizing. And because there isn’t a manual, per say, I thought I’d brave to share just a little of my daily life, since becoming menopausal, more than two years ago now, and much of which has become embarrassing moments....more
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Your Children Are Not Yours to Keep

For most women—especially this woman—letting go isn’t easy to do, we don’t fully grasp the concept. We are plastic wrap, double-sided sticky tape, bubble gum on the bottom of a rubber-soled-shoe, skin-on-skin—we invest for the long haul, and our cling is stronger than super glue on steroids.   We do not go gently. I attempted to make a list of all times I let go without having a gun at my head forcing me to let go.  It went like this…...more

yeah, it's a date. It's funny how the time creeps up on you...more

Curveballs Just Mean The Game Is On...

I've always been a competitive person. It stems from as far back as I can remember. Hell, the race for valedictorian in my graduating class ended up being decided by .01 of a GPA point- yeah, you read that right, one one-hundredth of a point (and unfortunately, I came in .01 of a GPA point down). So, needless to say, I don't take competition lightly, and I play to win- always...Or so I thought......more


Well it's that time of year again, the time we all reflect on what we did (or didn't) accomplish in the 12 previous months, and what we do (or do not) want to achieve in the year ahead. In some ways, I feel that 2010 has been one long buildup of resolutions for me -- maybe not necessarily for the New Year, but for my life (my Life After Normal, that is!). ...more

Before I was a Mom...

Before I was a mom… - I peed by myself. - I swore real swears and not “God Bless America” – type swears. - I didn’t wipe anyone else’s ass. - I didn’t know who DJ Lance was nor considered the guy who voices Max on “Max & Ruby” to have the best gig in television (seriously – one word per episode!). - my sleep wasn’t disturbed by needing to pee because my bladder used to be strong enough to “hold it” for more than a 7 hour overnight stretch. - I never knew true fear....more