That Moment

When you get that A-HA.. when everything clicks and you realize THIS is what I was meant to do... I had one of those on Monday evening after I was reflecting on the day and how my 5K trainees did during their workout.  I realized that I love being a Jazzercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Running Coach.  I love being able to be apart of someone's journey and helping them meet their goals.  THIS is what I was made to do. My mom always said to me our steps are already ordered.. God is just allowing us to walk our path.....more
I can believe you and relate to what you are talking about.  I have been in the fitness industry ...more

Seek and Ye Shall Find

As I look out the window on this spring day, I am entertained by my not so friendly neighborhood squirrels. Undisturbed by my cat Sesame, they seek their hidden treasures of food in our backyard, and they are not disappointed. They know instinctively where they’ve hidden their goodies. They are rewarded when they find what they seek....more


 A HAPPY LIFE....OUR FOUNDATION….OUR LIVES are like building a house……We have to start with the foundation and build upwards….So often people want everything NOW and are not willing to build their lives correctly….Sometimes people simply want to rush through life and get the “prize” without building the foundation to their lives first….A HAPPY LIFE is often created with one right decision at a time.........more

The trade-off

Would you give up a week of vacation time and your 401K match to be able to work at home?After being laid off recently, my choices were between a contract position and a “strategic career move” (or being unemployed while I continued to look, but as we all know, unemployment isn’t working, so I did not consider that at all)....more


SMART MOVES………SMART DECISIONS…. I got to thinking this morning about SMART MOVES and dumb moves people make……Life is about making decisions all the time…..We make decisions from the time we get up in the morning till the time we go to bed…..Our lives are based on decisions……So why do some people seem to have things work out better than others in life? I believe that some people simply are “on top of their game” more than others…..Life is like a game of Chess….We are always making one kind of move or the other…..and some people have planned out their course of action long bef...more

To Work or Not?

I wrote a stream-of-consciousness post back in September. I had been having a rough day (or two or three or who knows how many), or was it just a rough moment or two? Ah, who knows. What does it matter. The truth is that going back to work outside the home is a constant battle for me....more

What I Strive to Remember

This is what I strive to remember.Join in the Fray: Can "good" people make "bad" choices?Copyright © 2012 Michelle Matthews Calloway, ASwirlGirl™, All rights reserved. ...more

Hawaii Time. Out of Control? Go Vote!

Hawaii TimeFour lives or so ago I spent the month of January “studying” in Hawaii. My Minnesota college group attended classes for two weeks at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, one week at Brigham Young University—Hawaii, and the final week at the beautiful, secluded Makapala Retreat Center on the northwest tip of the Big Island. I learned there nothing starts on time....more

A Child Has Some Choices; Chocolate or Vanilla?

As I sit here thinking about the very thing I liked least about being a child; being told what to do, I smile at the thought as an adult. There are times now I would love to be told what to do, instead of having to make difficult, even painful, life changing decisions.“What flavor of ice cream do you want? Chocolate or Vanilla.” That I could choose. And I was always a "Vanilla."...more