Life Coach Chat--Take a breather!

It's Life Coach Chat Wednesday again! Today, I want everyone to take a breather! YOU DESERVE IT!  ...more

Infuse the FUN

A few years ago I was working at an organization and an HR consultant asked me how I would like to describe my future role within my department. I simply stated, "I'd like to be the fun-infuser".  ...more

Our sense of possibility

I was talking to someone about my college years yesterday. We were reminiscing about what we remembered, how we felt and what we missed. I was telling her about time a few years back when I went back to my old college town for a short visit....more

Using your energy wisely

A lot of us ponder why some days we have more energy than others, right?...more

The art of being "hangry"

You read it right: hangry. Have you heard of it? Are you hangry as you read this post?  ...more

Live my bliss?

I saw someone tweet on Twitter the other day, that she wanted to truly, and I quote, "live her bliss".  I stopped for a moment and thought about that word, BLISS. And I thought 1) what does that word mean and 2) how can we truly live it?  For me, bliss is not only a state of mind, but it is a physical experience. Bliss resides in the middle of my chest and is the giddiness that springs from me when I am on my authentic path daily....more

Life Coach Chat Wednesday: Self-Responsibility and Love

This week's Life Coach Chat is about the most foundational piece of our wellness:  Self Responsibility and Love  I've written about this core aspect of wellness in a previous post, but I think it is easy for us to forget just how vital this is for our overall success rate in our quest for wellness....more

A chance to try out life coaching!

I'm really inspired by how many people have responded publicly and privately to my last post "What does my career have to do with my wellness?" Most of us struggle with finding passion and JOY through our career and I'm really grateful for a lot of you being vulnerable and sharing your story with me.  ...more

What does my career have to do with my wellness?

 If you've ever looked at my title, you'll notice it says, "Life, wellness and career coach". I include these words on purpose. I fullheartedly believe that:   our careers must align with our wellness goals which ultimately transform our entire lives.   ...more

Rethinking the small stuff

We all have annoyances in life, right? You know, those little things that we "put up with" every day that kind of get on our nerves? Most of the time we create this small stuff ourselves. But what about when those small things start hindering our days? Could these little annoyances add up to something that might be getting us off track with our goals? ...more