It's Going To Be A Blast

   When you become aware that the only thing scarier than change is not changing, you are in transition. Action follows awareness. If you have fun with change, the process will help you thrive.   ...more

What Have You Done For You Lately?

Repressing our feelings, consistently overgiving and a lack of healthy boundaries cause unrest in our bodies. Turning away from who we results in powerlessness and and misalignment in our being. Connecting with and honoring our intuition & voice help us thrive. Collaborating takes us to the next level. ...more


  "Love is not consolation. Love is light."~ Friedrich Nietzsche Allways Options is women collaborating to create solutions for personal, professional and global balance....more

Hang In There!

www.tomekabyars.orgThis morning has been interesting.  During my own season of seeking clarity and guidance on what the lord requires of me to do next, a young lady came to me in order to seek the same attributes that I needed as well. Providing servant hood to others that are experiencing a difficult season is just what Dr. God has ordered. It not only brings forth healing in our own circumstances, but it brings forth confirmation that no matter what we are dealing with God is still present in our circumstances....more


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."~Maya Angelou   ...more

A Gift of Sanctuary

Change your outlook by changing your mind.  Change your mind by thinking of other things. And think of other things by listening to guided imagery, music and soothing sounds. You know how the whif of hot chocolate takes you back to weekend ski trips in high school? Well, imagine having a whole CD of mental downloads shared in the warm soothing voice of Robert Gerzon. Add the cadence of tropical music, the lap of ocean waves as well as wonderfully descriptive verbal images and you have a trip to Sanctuary Island....more
Now that sounds like a really good idea. That may actually be a great gift to give this year to ...more

Hello Gorgeous

    We devote our resources to food, shelter, safety and loved ones. These are wise choices in continuing our day to day survival. ...more

This or Something Better

  May we all be the love we are capable of.     Allways Options is Women collaborating to create solutions for personal, professional and global balance....more

So Long Selfless

Hello self esteem, self worth and self confidence.   Take a minute and assess where you are today: How's your ability to be who you are? How's your ability to create? How's your ability to do?   ...more

Head Over Heels

Ouch! (1:15 sec) I offer strategies to help women connect on a personal level with their purpose and share it. Collectively we offer healing change through service.   Visit - http://...more