A Seeker of Love and Happiness

My blog is my journey of being a divorced mom looking for happiness and love. My children are older and I am facing a different world where they are on their on or about to be. My blog is writings of situations life throws my way. Join me on my journey as A Seeker of Love and Happiness at aseekerofloveandhappiness.blogspot.com. ...more

A Resume Built On Life Experiences

He was barely out of high school, she was a stay at home Mom who hadn’t worked outside of the home in more than twenty-five years, each needed a resume. The problem was they both didn’t feel that they had anything to write about. He shared “I have no work experience” and she said, “The last time I worked I was a waitress and that was a long time ago.” So begins the resume built on life experiences....more
 @Isabel_Anders I'm glad you and others may find this helpful. Thank you for your comment.more

Unplugging From the Laptop and Work

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.  ~Henry David Thoreau...more

Visiting your long distant elderly parent on holidays great time to check out how they're doing

With the fourth of July coming up, some of us may be looking to visit our distant elderly parents. This is a great time to check out how they are managing their home, their health and their safety. Keeping your opens and ears open will help you to determine if a loved is managing okay or not. Starting from the time you arrive, check out the grass, the landscaping, the outside of the house. Are there any noticeable major problems that are not being addressed? ...more