True Confessions: 10 Things I've Never Done

We all have them (even if the list may be shorter for some than it is for others!): a handful of seemingly common or rite-of-passage life experiences which, whether by choice or by chance, we've never actually had. So just for fun - even though I know it might inspire you to exclaim incredulously, "What?! You've never _______? You can't be serious!" - I thought I'd reveal a few of the items on my own "things I've never done" list. ...more

Through the Eyes of a Toddler

Have you ever watched your kid as they saw new things? I mean really watched them? I love watching Lil Man's face as he experiences new things. Today we went to Target, and after putting all of the items in the car, I decided instead of driving across the shopping center parking lot, that we'd walk the side walk. It was a fairly long walk for a toddler, but I thought Lil Man might enjoy it. So off we went. He was mesmerized by the cars, the people, and the store fronts....more

Journey of my life

Our lives are like long journeys that you don't even know when they will end. Sometimes, you don't even know where they began until you've realized that you are part of the journey. Do you think they were prearranged?...more

The saddest goodbye ever …

The saddest goodbye ever … I recently joined a toastmaster group, which I have attended three times before deciding to join as a regular member. It is a fun group to be with where everyone gathered up to share.  What we share here is our voices....more
I dreamt about my father last night ... miss him ya ....more

From The Pages Of My Writing Journal

This is basically a post on personal reflections. As I wind down from a hellish week of work to sort of relax my mind and reconnect with my first love...Writing....more

Taking A Blogging Sabbatical!

I've always been an introvert of sorts. As a young girl I'd find solace in reading ,spending time with family and a small group of like-minded shy girls in the vicinity and on the school grounds. It was when I took English Lit in junior high, that my love for words evolved. I really appreciated the pain & angst of Shakespeare's Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet's undying devotion and searing young love that could not be denied....more


Today, my granddaughter turned sixteen. Funny, it seemed just yesterday the two of us were sitting on the precariously manuvered steps off the back porch leading to the apartment in my metropolitan neighborhood. She was around 6 then. We were buddies, bff's who clung together out of love, bloodship and a need to bottle feel good feeling up for all eternity. I suppose those times for me with my granddaughter helped to remind me of how important I was in the life of this little girl....more

Juxtaposition of lives and.... avoiding the trappings of cliche.

I spend a lot of my time musing about my life BC (before children), but I spend a larger amount of time examining, exploring, reminiscing and kvetching a bit about my life now with 4!!!! kids as opposed to my life, years ago, with just 1 - my oldest, quite a bit older than her sibs - the child who enjoyed all the one on one time with me and hubby - the kid who now tells us she longed for little brothers and sisters for years - then, in the next breath, tells us how much they annoy her ;-). It fascinates me - the difference in these two lives of mine. And ... trust me.......more

Nice Shoes! and other life observations

It was hard to just call her Marsha. It has been 30 years since I graduated from high school. Yikes, I didn't realize how odd that would look in print! So much has changed since then. Especially me. ...more

I am now madly trying to get her contact information.  The last email address that I had for ...more