The Search for the Perfect (insert object here)

Buttons. Names. Patterns.Recently, I've found myself looking for things all the time! For example, as of now I'm attempting to sew a jumper from a pattern for a cousin of mine. After working on it for quite some time, I have definitely gotten impatient, and maybe cut some rather important corners. I did both of the buttonholes before I found a button. Disaster. So when I did find buttons that matched, they were far too big. So, for me, it's back to the drawing board!...more

A wedding, water park, camping and the ER

Sounds like the opening line to a really bad joke doesn’t it?  Unfortunately the punch line was on me! Oy! What a weekend.It started out fabulous. Saturday was Scout Day at Schlitterbahn in Galveston. The Pack made plans to go and then camp out at Galveston Island State park for our spring overnight camping trip. Everything was perfect!...more

busy busy busy

the past few weeks have been extremely stressful for myself, I am back in college at almost a full time pace, taking 5 credit class and busting my butt to get my business degree and finish up that so that I can transfer in the coming months to a 4 year college , even though I have been in college since the fall of 2007, and on top of all this I am trying to start a small business but I honestly don't know if it’s going to happen anytime soon, I would love to have a small online business but just trying to get it up and started along with products, I just don't know if it’s every goi...more


We had a bit of a rough weekend this last weekend. We are still trying to get all of our stuff moved from the old house to the new house. We actually got three loads last week before we had to leave for Raleigh.Saturday, we got and went to a nearby town to our favorite diner, Lynn's Cafe, for breakfast. We went back to the house to change vehicles and get the truck with the trailer to go to the old house. ...more
@HomeRearedChef Hi, Virginia -  We got in late last night from our trip to Seattle. I'm just now ...more

The Hill Country

     Holy moly.  It's been awhile.  Here I am actually ready to write in earnest, & as it turns out, at least 200+people were reading the rot I had to write as coursework.  I guess that's a good sign.  Now residing in the Texas hill country.  Long story short, about 100 years ago (ok 20) whilst indulging my post-high school travel lust, I wound up in Big Bend NP, met a boy, found him again on Facebook in November of 2010, & here I am.  Now here's a link to a song I can't believe I can only post here, in the dead of night, 'cause even...more

Volunteering is Hazardous!

As I have mentioned before, I am involved in PTO at Charlie’s elementary school. I am one of the few parents who does not work full time 5 days a week. On my half days I can usually be found up at the school volunteering or doing PTO stuff....more
OMG that's a huge scrape!more

Yes or No, well it depends

When someone asks a question, followed by a Yes or No, I always wonder if I can get away with a 'Well, it depends'. Then I think to myself, why do I even term it 'get away with'! Nothing in life is either this way or that. Can you say for sure if something is really good or bad!? Does it not depend on how you decide to look at it? For every one person supporting one side of an argument you can find two who don't. So, how can one be asked to take sides?  I am not becoming philosophical here....more


Geez Louise.  I have no idea why I still continue to frequent this site, other than (a) I love "Not Yet a Wino" & (b) now I have to, in order to maintain some kind of standing in my IS class.  Aside from working 30+ hours in 3 days, going to school full time, & managing my menagerie (4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 snake, & occasionally boyfriend's Rott-not to mention boyfriend) I must also 'make time for' myself, according to all of the prevalent women's mags (I don't buy them, I just read the headlines as I'm passing through the checkstands of my life).   I really though...more

My first blog! Yayy!

I'm a very passionate person - I suppose this is something that I've come to live with. I get ideas, and I run with them. Just recently I watched a home video my dad compiled of seventeen years of young Stacy giving annual reports of her life (something my sisters and I dreaded, but have come to appreciate with age). What I saw was comical, and actually quite revealing of the woman I have become today: ...more