The New Reign of Terror

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Thrilling Thursday - Life After Demotion

Thrilling Thursday - it is thrilling to know that good things are still possible after a demotion....more

Thrilling Thursday - What Happens After a Business Fails

Thrilling Thursday - it is thrilling to know that  good things are still possible after a business fails....more

The Amazing Luther Vandross’ voice has been reincarnated in Randy Wilson. Check out the new single, Life Goes On

  Since everyone said Wilson sounded EXACTLY like the amazing Luther Vandross he needed his own signature sound which he has now perfected by letting his passion, sensitivity and vulnerability set him apart.  This is evident on the single “Life Goes On" which is a true story, based on one of Randy Wilson’s own personal experiences, about a man coming home to find that his woman has deserted him.Somewhat typical lyrics but performed with sensitivity and feeling.  ...more

I Can be Replaced

I would like sometimes to think it is otherwise, to think that I matter more than I do, but I have realized time and again that I am but a speck in the vastness of the universe.  Life keeps rushing along with its business no matter what I’m thinking about or doing. Although it may seem like the world has stopped at various times to me, the world in fact keeps on moving. ...more