I am wistful today. I am pondering what might have been. Sounds maudlin doesn’t it? Those who know me would tell you that is not a feeling they would associate with me and they would be right.  I don’t live in the past; it does no good to live there. But I must confess I am visiting today....more

Je suis contente

I ran and jumped and frolicked today.  Taking a break from his studies Collin and I headed to explore an area upstream of several waterfalls we have frequented.  The water has carved deep smooth paths through the stone creating pools of cool water that weave down the mountain.  One can hop across the narrow passages of water from one precarious perch to another, making way up the slippery rock.  Today’s adventure was just silly with “random running”, “don’t know the word hole, but know flow, does that help?” and crazy stinging plants that left small “bubbles” on our legs...more

Things that made me happy this week.

Taking pics of my pets in the dark with the negative setting....more

Life IS good!

Success is sweet and having a break finally come our way is like having candy, cake and cookies all at the same time - or an ice cream sundae with all the ...more