The Ass Cramp Epiphany

Major ass cramp yesterday.The Mister and I hopped into our old pick up and headed to our ski cabin to check on the renovations. A nice Saturday drive, plus I’d negotiated a stop for cheeseburgers on the way out of town. We were about to pull onto the highway when I got a call from one of our boys.“Hey, I have the day off work," he said. "Are you and Dad up to anything interesting?” My heart swelled with joy to know that my 20-year-old son wanted to hang out with us on his day off....more

Nora Ephron’s “I Remember...Nothing” Prompted Me to Remember

I just finished reading Nora Ephron’s “I Remember...Nothing”, and though I in every respect enjoyed the book, said to be “Breathlessly funny....” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, (and I agree because I did laugh at some points), I nonetheless poured tears throughout the book; I guess I found the hidden sadness. And much of how she viewed life, I found I can relate.I relate (from page 45, My Aruba) to having spent the entire work-day smiling with spinach on my teeth and no-one, not my so-called workmates, had the decency to point it out....more
@Lucy's Reality You are very welcome, Lucy. And I am so appreciative of your visit, dear Amiga. ...more

Coming Unglued

“Caution: Menopausal Woman on Board” – this should have been the bumper sticker that adorned my car.I knew I should have stayed in bed as soon as I awoke, after a not so restful sleep it was apparent whoever was in my body wasn’t me. Observing her getting ready she was clearly struggling to put simple thoughts and wardrobe together. Opting out of the lighter coloured pants, cute sweater and jacket she said “No way, wear dark colours and cover up that stomach and behind.” Clearly, she was not in the mood for light and bright....more

Pounds and Time...It is All so Confusing

I recently returned from traveling and can’t seem to shake a problem I had with the airlines on the weight of my luggage.  I am amazed and somewhat ashamed at how much stuff I took with me, but to defend myself, I was packing to be gone three weeks! How did the nomadic people do it?  Traveling from place to place with all their belongings and no suitcases?  I wish I knew one to interview!  I just know it would have made a difference in the w...more

Checking my list - twice

Over the years the present giving and even card sending has dwindled. As time progressed it seemed less and less necessary to shower each other with gifts and stress over the "what should I get for..." At first it feels strange to restrain, so I found myself starting off slowly, weaning myself off the urge to spend. I have to be honest and say that sometimes there was not much creativity in the pickings but merely a feeling of obligation to fill the stockings....more

Confessions of a Chocoholic

Yes, my name is Jennifer and I'm a chocoholic.You know in an interview when they ask "What is your weakness?" and people say something silly like "chocolate" to avoid the real answer, well I mean it. I'm not exactly ready to check into Willy Wonka's Recovery House, which by the way was created to appease the growing criticism and potential lawsuits born from chocolate addiction. I still have some degree of will power but increasingly find it difficult to resist....more